The main ways in ‘NCIS’ dropped the ball with 2 characters primary


NCIS has been on the air for 17 seasons and counting; as well, many actors have come and gone over the years. Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette and Cote de Pablo have all been the pillars of the show for several seasons. Their relations have intrigued the public and are held the stories weekly based on the detective together. Yet, finally, they are gone, and the show runners were replaced. The problem: it is not easy for substitutes to live up to their predecessors.

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Then that Cote de Pablo has quickly found a place in the hearts of the viewers after the exit of Sasha Alexander, Eleanor Bishop Emily Wickersham has struggled a little more to cement a presence that is unique and desirable. Just as Nick Torres of Wilmer Valderrama. The two characters have positive attributes and, over the seasons, they have become essential to the procedure primetime. However, the writers have messed up with everyone some of the ways primary.

Where ‘NCIS’ has gone wrong with Eleanor Bishop

The writers behind NCIS started with the right idea when they introduced Bishop – they have tried to make it very different from Ziva. If the illustration of Bishop exhibited attributes Ziva-esque, the comparisons with the former agent well-liked would have been without end — and this would only increase the unhappiness related to the lack of character.

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In the first few episodes of Bishop, the writers have pointed to its analysis capabilities and its quirks ringardes. It poured out of the evidence on the ground around it, and sit down in the middle – pulling on pieces of information to put the puzzle together.

Then, the writers would have had to develop this oddity in a personality trait, they have abandoned such a trend in favor of prowess on the field. With the time, Bishop has lost some of its identifying factors that have made it unique and becoming just another agent who kicks ass and saves the day. While some have argued that it was a bit ” rop weird, the balance is always the key. The total abandonment of a unique trait, in favor of someone who “blend” more easily with the group was not enough to fill the shoes of Ziva David.

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Where ‘NCIS’ has gone wrong with Nick Torres

Nick Torres came in to replace Tony DiNozzo, but he has struggled to be at the height of the inheritance of Weatherly. Why? It is the “new nice guy” of the show. This is the cool guy with a language fast-which can be a little arrogant sometimes. The show has given viewers a new Tony, instead of a new character.

Nick Torres would have been able to be intelligent and muscular. Beautiful and nerdy. Place NCIS seems committed to keeping its illustration of nature quite two-dimensional and a bit dated – align with the old-school tropes from Hollywood.

The romance Torres and Bishop must go

No one will ever forget ” Tiva “. Ziva and Tony had a romance slow that defined NCIS for seasons on end. Their arc – the waiting game – has continued to draw viewers back episode after episode. The tension romantic was palpable. Their chemistry was undeniable; it was seeping into the screen. Can we say the same of Torres and Bishop ?

The show didn’t need a plot romantic between two agents to be successful, and this arc narrative just feels mimetic and without inspiration. It is not original, nor necessary. It feels a bit forced, and it never will be to the height of the link between Tony and Ziva. Why bother ? Do we really want to emphasize the opinion that it is false and unpopular, according to which the male and female cannot be ” just friends ? “


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