The “League” of Whedon lost the support of Cyborg


The league Whedons loses the support of the Cyborgs

The film “Justice League” has experienced a production particularly troubled, and Ray Fisher is a person who has undergone the weight more than some of the other actors.

The actor who played Cyborg was a stranger with “Justice League” his first and only feature film to date beyond a cameo in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and a role TV more regular in the third season of ” True Detective “.

“Justice League” has lost the director of the original Zack Snyder, who has left the project after principal photography, with Joss Whedon on board to resume and complete the film. Fisher was initially favourable to the arrival of Whedon, but now he has emphatically retracted this support.

Fisher has published a tweet today, including a video of himself promoting the movie super-heroes at Comic-Con San Diego in 2017. In the video, he answers a question from a fan saying: “Joss is a great guy and Zack has chosen a good person to come clean, to finish for him. “But with this video, he added the caption:” I would like to take a moment to remove it with force each part of this statement. ”

Whedon would have written about 80 pages of script for new documents, and the director of photography Fabian Wagner has estimated that only 10% of what Zack Snyder had filmed were included in the final product.

In the past, Fisher has expressed its dissatisfaction with the result of the cut theatrical of the Justice League and has repeatedly praised Snyder over the years – he was also one of the supporters of the most virulent of the cup Snyder, who arrives at HBO Max in 2021.


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