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PARIS — The French government is sending doctors and aid to the South American territory of French Guiana, in the midst of a surge in infections by the virus from there.

The French army has transported patients from French Guiana, which borders Brazil, in the hospitals of france, the Caribbean island of Martinique.

The minister of overseas territories, Anick Girardin, visited Guyana on Tuesday, and has promised to help, saying: “the state will be there for you”, according to the local chain of French Guyana 1.

She said she would discuss the possibility of re-establishing the containment measures for the territory of 300 000 people and the cancellation of the upcoming elections in order to stop the spread.

The R number which indicates how many people will be infected on average by one infected person, is above 2 in French Guiana, according to the national health agency, which has called the situation “very worrying.”

Guyana has reported more than 2,500 infections, compared to 161 000 in the whole of France. The number of viruses in hospitalized patients in Guyana has been rising steadily in recent days even as the number on the continent and in other territories of regular falls.

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia — the Slovak republic, the President Zuzana Caputova has cancelled his meeting with his Austrian counterpart Alexander Van der Bellen to get put in quarantine after a member of his office met with a person who have been tested positive for the coronavirus.


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