The last airbender ‘differs from the cartoon


Although Avatar: the last airbender was just a Nickelodeon cartoon over three seasons, he managed to get critical acclaim and a fan base that remains undisputed to this day. Aang, Katara, Zuko, Toff and Sokka have become an inspiration for children; they were powerful and determined. They were in internal conflict, grappling with worldly problems that no child could face. Yet they did it gracefully – while sometimes revealing that they were still just kids (just kids with crushes and fears, hopes and dreams) like the kids watching them at home .

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With news as live action Avatar: the last airbender will come to Netflix – with the original showrunners behind its development to start – anticipation and expectations remain high. The show has a lot to live for. The cartoon contained many “big ideas” and complex thematic nuances, especially for a children’s show.

Fate, sibling rivalry, spiritual awakenings and self-discovery characterized the show, and fans will expect the same from the live series. Still, based on an online discussion on Reddit regarding the live version, fans expect a significant difference.

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Will the live action “Avatar: The Last Airbender” age?

In Avatar: the last airbender, the main characters are young. Pre-teens and teens are at the center of the saga with older individuals surrounding the main characters. However, many fans believe, for various reasons, that the series will eventually “age” some of the main characters. A fan explained that throwing 20-year-olds to play teens is a common phenomenon in Hollywood, which should be the case with The last air Master:

I bet they’ll age them, so they can market to the teenage population, but also appeal to nostalgic millennials.

In addition, Hollywood is hiring young people between the ages of 30 and 30 in mid-term to play teens all the time, so it is possible.

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While some note past trends as evidence, others suggest that the difficulty of working with child actors may be the reason why older stars are taking center stage; circumventing school and child labor laws can become difficult. One fan explained:

I can certainly see them aging just because of the difficulty of working with child actors and their working time constraints.

Reddit user

The restart may age some members of the distribution. However, based on information from the showrunners, Aang will be molded based on age.

What We Know To Date From The Live Avatar: The Last Airbender Cast

While concerns about the cast remain high, the showrunners have confirmed that they will not whitewash the cast, as was the case when Mr. Night Shyamalan revisited the source of the 2010 film.

The showrunners also said they plan to place predominantly Asian actors in the lead roles. And, they’re looking for a 12-14 year old Asian child to play Aang, as Men’s Health notes. However, while Aang may be very young, it is easy to imagine 20-year-olds playing Zuko, Azula and other characters who are probably in their teens. However, everything remains to be seen.


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