The kidney of her deceased husband has saved the life of this man. Years later, she gave him one of his own


When Terri Herrington has saved the life of his friend by giving him a kidney, she followed the traces of her deceased husband.The husband of Herrington, Bryan, passed away 16 years ago in an accident the roof. She said she felt reassured for a long time the fact that his donated organs have saved four lives – including that of Jeffrey Granger.

After this first transplant, Granger and Herrington have become close friends. Then, when she learned that her kidney was failing and that he needed a new one, she did not hesitate to offer his.

“When he said that he needed to be, I said: ‘OK, do it’, ” said Herrington. As it happens host Carol Off.

This story was as originally reported by CNN.

Herrington, who lives in Pensacola, Florida, stated that her late husband was a generous person and was always intended to be an organ donor.

Upon his death, his pancreas and his kidneys went to Granger, who has lived most of his life with insulin-dependent diabetes. The heart, lungs and liver, Bryan have saved the lives of three other people.

The deceased husband of Herrington died 16 years ago in an accident the roof. His organs have saved the lives of four people. (Submitted by Terri Herrington)

During the first year after the transplant, the rules for organ donation have prevented Herrington and Granger to get to know each other, but they would exchange cards and letters anonymous.

When they were finally allowed to talk, they were immediately struck.

“It was incredible. It was as if we knew each other since forever or something like that, ” said Granger Off.

“The first time we talked, it was for a long time on the mobile phone, 30 to 45 minutes on the phone. It was like reconnecting with a high school friend. “

Granger, right, is shown with Herrington, center, and his wife, Pam, left, and the children of Herrington. (Submitted by Terri Herrington)

The two are friends ever since. Herrington said that she was often visit to Granger and his wife in their home outside Tallahassee, Florida. Their families have made trips to the beach and boat together.

“My children were two months and five years old at the time of the death of Bryan, so he is basically there to see them grow up, and it has always been a fixture,” said Herrington.

“Did you think I was joking?

Herrington is a strong advocate of organ donation since the death of Bryan. But in recent years, she had thought of the step up and become a living donor.

Then, when Granger said he needed a new kidney in 2019, she took it as a sign.

Granger said that Herrington had offered his kidney so quickly and casually that he thought first that she was joking.

But when he posted on Facebook that he was praying for a kidney donor, she responded: “did you Think I was joking? “

When Granger has posted on Facebook that he was in need of a kidney donor, Herrington reminded him that he already had an offer. (Jeffrey Granger / Facebook)

Granger later learned that Herrington and his wife were matches, but he has chosen to take a Herrington on his offer so that his wife could act as his caregiver after the operation.

The transplant took place on 3 march and was a success. Now, Granger has two kidneys – a husband and wife coast to coast in his body.

“It’s so unique,” said Herrington. “It’s like, I guess, we are all back together. ”

Dr. Mark Johnson, who has brought Herrington to the hospital UF Health Shands, told CNN that his body would improve the quality of life in Granger and would extend its life expectancy.

Today, Granger said that he could do very well.

“As James Brown would have said, I feel good. “

Written by Sheena Goodyear. Interview conducted by Chloe Shantz-Hilkes.


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