The graphics, the elegant PS5 reveal that Sony is virtually identical to the work of a Russian artist


In the image above, a field of blue spheres pulsating rearranges itself in geometric patterns. If this sounds familiar, this means that you have probably seen the PlayStation 5 Sony’s reveal last week. The atmosphere is ultra-modern graphics and their colors are white, black and blue have perfectly prepared the ground for the revelation of the console PS5.

But the image above in fact is not Sony. It is the work of Maxim Zhestkov, a media artist from Russian – and the similarities between his work and the graphics of the video PS5 Sony make us think that his studio was responsible for carrying out these graphs. Let’s take a look at what was shown in the video PS5 and compare it to his work.

Check out the GIF below of the video PS5, for example. Here, a column of thousands of tiny spheres illuminated by a dome light, rigid form the shape of the circle PlayStation classic with a light blue cold moving through the column:

Now, look at this GIF of a work of Zhestkov called ” Calculations “. A column of thousands of tiny spheres illuminated by a ceiling light austere fades into different shapes with a light blue cold moving through the column.

Check out these spheres side-by-side creating of the canyons against a black wall from the video PS5 and ” Calculations “. Can you tell which one originates at the origin of the video of Sony? (I will say what is in the legend.)

Revelation PS5 (on the left) against “Computations” (to the right)

See something slightly different. Here’s a GIF of the PS5, which reveals a monolith cube in an empty room lit from the ceiling which opens up to reveal a colorful interior in layers:

This looks very similar to a scene from a work of Zhestkov entitled “Layers” featuring a monolith rectangular in an empty room in the ceiling that opens up to reveal a colorful interior and in layers:

Sony has not responded to a request for comment on the participation of Zhestkov – but Zhestkov Is this list Sony as a client on the about page of his studio. And when we contacted the studio to see if they could confirm their participation, a producer said: “we cannot yet confirm or deny our participation in the revelation of Sony “.

Therefore, we cannot be completely certain that Zhestkov has created the animated graphics. But I must say that it seems pretty likely.


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