The Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo’s threat to cancel plans for the reopening of the coronavirus


The governor of New York Andrew Cuomo speaks during a press conference at the New York stock Exchange (NYSE) on may 26, 2020 at Wall Street in New York. Cuomo has threatened to cancel plans for progressive reopening, after that large crowds have gathered in front of the bars of New York.

JOHN EISELE / AFP / Getty Images

Upset by the violations “melting” of the restrictions of the fight against the pandemic of New York, governor Andrew Cuomo threatens to re-establish the closures in areas where the local governments do not comply with the rules.

Sunday, the Hamptons Manhattan and Long Island have been identified as problem areas by Cuomo, who has cited 25 000 complaints throughout the State for the reopening of the violations. Large gatherings, violations of the social distance and the lax enforcement of the face to endanger the progress of fragile State in the fight against the coronavirus, said Cuomo, adding that many of the complaints were about restaurants and bars.

“We mean business with this. You talk about putting in danger the lives of people, ” said Cuomo during his briefing daily.

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The warning comes a day after the democratic governor has reacted severely to a short video on Twitter of New York showing the young people enjoying a hot day tight on a street of the city, many without a mask.

The leaders of New York are trying to avoid the fate of the States experienced a resurgence of new cases after the reopening. Hospitalizations related to the sars coronavirus in New York are down and the State had recorded 23 deaths Saturday, the number of deaths from coronavirus, the lowest since a day since the early days of the crisis.

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