The government of British Columbia buys two hotels in Vancouver to help accommodate the homeless


The government of British Columbia said on Wednesday that it had bought two hotels in Vancouver at a combined cost of $ 74.4 million for the purpose of providing housing for homeless people.”Housing is the foundation of the lives of people and communities safe and healthy”, said the minister of Housing of Colombia-British, Selina Robinson. “We are taking steps to build rental housing more affordable in Vancouver, as we continue to provide housing with support services and health care to people at this time. ”

Through BC Housing, the province announced that it had purchased the Howard Johnson hotel of 110 rooms, located at 1176 Granville street, for $ 55 million, in the framework of a long-term plan to build a set of affordable housing for residents of Vancouver.

In the meantime, however, the site will function as a housing of a temporary support while long-term plans will be developed.

The province has said that BC Housing liaise with partners and the community to start the conversation on how the site and the adjacent parking lot can be used to combat the housing crisis and build a set of houses for the people of Vancouver.”

The province has also purchased the hotel Buchan 63 rooms in the 1906, street Haro, to $ 19.4 million in order to provide housing for women. The site is currently empty and the residents will begin to move to Buchan in July.

“The purchase of these hotels have an enormous potential in the short and long term to provide safe homes and safe, the necessity of which is beyond the four walls and a bed,” said the minister of the Reduction of the poverty of British Columbia, Shane Simpson. “We are working to develop a model of housing with support services that meets the needs of people with appropriate supports in the areas of health, mental health and addictions, and creates opportunities to live safer and healthier within a community.”

The province has said that the Atira Women’s Resource Society will be accommodation in the two hotels, which include support services enveloping where people have access to services such as meals, health care, drug treatment and harm reduction, as well as the storage of personal effects.

The sites also have a staff 24h / 24 and 7j / 7 to ensure the safety of the residents of the building and the surrounding neighborhood.

“Atira is delighted to be a partner of this housing is essential,” said the CEO of Atira, Janice Abbott.

The announcement of the purchases has also been applauded by the mayor of Vancouver, Kennedy Stewart.

“The pandemic of COVID-19 has accentuated the urgent need for housing, especially for our neighbours to the most vulnerable,” he said. “These hotel rooms will provide security and shelter for the immediate while we are working with the province and the community to develop the long-term vision. I cannot thank enough the government of British Columbia for his leadership. ”


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