The former French Prime minister François Fillon sentenced to two years in prison for fraud | World


A former French Prime minister and his wife british were sentenced yesterday to prison terms for embezzlement of one million euros of public funds disguised as salary.

The convictions and the harsh sentences have sealed a dramatic fall for François Fillon, 66 years old, a favorite to win the presidential election of 2017 until leaks on its finances hit the media. Allegations of sleaze have destroyed its image as a champion of a new probity in public life, and he arrived third behind Emmanuel Macron, the winner, and Marine Le Pen.

The conservative mp at the retreat has been sentenced to five years in prison, including three suspended, for having used fraudulently to his wife, Penelope, as an assistant parliamentary full-time between 1998 and 2013. Mrs Fillon, 64 years of age, was also convicted and sentenced to a


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