The five-mile movement limit for coronavirus could stay in place all summer


Premier Mark Drakeford said the Wales five-mile guideline could stay in place all summer, with no plans to lift the limit until July at the earliest. At the Welsh government’s latest coronavirus briefing earlier today, Drakeford said relaxing travel restrictions was “not on my list of things to change” during the current three-week review period, which ends on June 18.

This means that the travel directive is likely to remain in place until July 10 at the earliest. The Welsh government is examining more lock restrictions next week – see the latest on this on our coronavirus blog.

“We have no immediate plans to spread the message of staying local in Wales,” said Drakeford.

He added that how and when the five-mile travel limit will be relaxed will depend on the progress of the coronavirus in Wales, and that he could not be sure if the limit would still be in place in “six, nine or twelve weeks “. ”

However, he added that it is likely to remain in place if and when part of the tourism industry in Wales reopens.

At today’s briefing, Drakeford said it is possible that vacation homes and self-catering apartments may reopen later this summer, but that the situation regarding hotels and rooms guest would be more difficult.

Drakeford said: “It is a tightrope difficult to walk because we want to lift the locks further, but we don’t want to run away with the idea that the coronavirus is finished.

“Even though we are at 50 new cases a day, we have no idea who the 50 might be, because the coronavirus is a silent spreader. It is therefore very important to continue to distance yourself from society and to stay local. ”

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Drakeford said the five-mile limit would remain crucial if independent accommodation could reopen. He suggested that people staying in vacation accommodation should limit themselves to traveling within five miles and not meeting many people.

“There is, I think, in a sense of public health, a distinction to be made between people who have their own kitchen, their own bathroom. Said Mr. Drakeford.

“It will be different, I think, for someone who travels to stay somewhere where they share kitchens, showers, toilets, where inevitably the level of risk would be great. ”

The guests would not “shoot everywhere, meeting a lot of different people,” he said.

The Welsh government will first need to “get the consent of the community” before tourism reopens, he said, adding that there will be “a very strong community response” in the northwest and South West Wales where the levels of the virus.

Wales has no plans at this time to reopen pubs and restaurants, as has been discussed in England, and mass gatherings such as sporting events and concerts are not expected to resume until 2021.

The next Wales foreclosure announcements are expected on June 19, one day after ministers are legally required to review the restrictions.


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