The fiercest ranks of Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford – and whoever nearly separated them


Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford are the perfect presentation duo – bringing warmth and humor to our screens every Friday. But what viewers of This Morning like the most is that the couple is not afraid to face each other live.

Former Sky News presenter Eamonn and Loose Women host Ruth have had their fair share of screen battles over the years.

In March 2019, there must have been some tension in the studio as the couple had two major clashes during the two-hour show.

During the first half of the show, Ruth looked furious after Eamonn yelled at her in an incredibly noteworthy interview with selfie queen Karen Danczuk, ex-wife of Simon Danczuk, l former member for Rochdale.

Karen signed up for an a la carte website that allowed her to charge fans £ 150 to view her racy photos – and it quickly became apparent that the presenters had opposing views on the subject.

Ruth was “furious” with Eamonn after yelling at her in an interview with Karen Danczuk

While Ruth was probing her “lightly clothed” photos and asking if there was nudity, which was not the case, Eamonn tried to suggest that there was nothing wrong.

When he described Karen as a politician, Ruth replied, “She is not a politician. ”

A furious Eamonn turned to Ruth and shouted, “Excuse me! ”

Ruth remained silent, smoking silently as Eamonn attacked Loose Women, saying that if Karen had done it on the show, she would have been described as “empowering.”

The awkwardness continued throughout, Eamonn pranking his wife and later asking Deidre for a phone call.

When the dying aunt searched, he gasped, “I like the way people assume I’m the bad guy. “

Eamonn and Ruth “had a servant” on their son Jack

Later on the same show, the couple had another “servant” while their son Jack was a Manchester United mascot.

Things went very wrong after Jack refused to leave the tunnel and started to cry, which Ruth blamed for her father.

“I knew he wouldn’t do it because you pushed him in,” said Ruth, revealing that he was only six years old.

However, Eamonn insisted that he was seven and that Jack had inherited his “irrational fear” of Ruth.

“You lived by proxy through your son,” said Ruth, unimpressed.

Eamonn and Ruth are a powerful television couple and This Morning’s favorites

The favorites of the firm This Morning once revealed the shocking line which almost ended with their separation.

On a phone call with Vanessa Feltz to find out if you should ever come back with an ex, Eamonn said they almost broke up after their very first argument.

“You know, 20 years ago and I tried to make Ruth my ex,” said Eamonn.

As Vanessa laughed, Ruth shook her head and sighed, “It was our first row. You are so dramatic. ”

Eamonn, who has been married to Ruth for nine years but has been dating her for 24 years, continued, “I said,” That’s it, it doesn’t work, goodbye. ”

“And I went to close the door and she pushed it back and you know what she said to me?”

“Oh, don’t be stupid.” ”

Ruth joked that they had been “paddling since”, while Eamonn revealed that she had asked him why he would ever want to dump her.

“Why would I ever want to dump you?” “He said, smiling as he counted jokingly on his fingers.

One of their most notorious clashes occurred in November of last year when Ruth silenced her stunned husband in a tense row.

Ruth wanted to move the program after finishing Deirdre Roberts’ phone, saying to viewers, “Don’t go anywhere. After the break, Bryony shows you… ”

Stop after being interrupted, ignited Eamonn said, “I was about to say something. ”

But Ruth refused to listen to her calls and insisted that they did not have time for Eamonn to say anything else.

The husband and wife duo were both trying to speak at the same time, before Ruth finally explained, “We don’t have time darling, we’re finished. I don’t want to waste time on makeup. How to keep your party makeup in place. ”

Boiling Eamonn remained silent after being silenced and looked bubbling like This morning during a commercial break.

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Even Valentine’s Day wasn’t scared in 2020, as the beloved couple had a live domestic show on their Valentine’s trash gift.

The ingrate Eamonn was not satisfied with the luxury bag Ruth had brought him to the airport.

“The way you show love and affection is by raising my expectations with this pretty romantic box and inside is tupperware,” asked Eamonn.

Eamonn said Ruth was “stolen” when she confessed to having paid more than one contract for the controversial gift.

Ruth wanted viewers to support her in this clash with Eamonn over a gift

Ruth admitted that she was “hurt” by her husband’s “nasty and nasty” comments and asked jokingly if he thought there would be a thong with hearts in the box.

When asked if he really hated it, Eamonn said, “I’m puzzled. This is the equivalent of me buying you an iron or a mop and saying “have fun today honey”. ”

Stressing that he hadn’t even written the love poem he had presented to her earlier, Ruth said, “He’s so mean. You’re lucky to have something. ”

In May of this year, the couple were involved in a particular row around cooking bacon.

Ruth said she was disgusted after smelling the bacon her husband had stuffed in the microwave.

Eamonn and Ruth always end up reconciling

“I went downstairs and thought” What is that horrible smell? “. And did you see the big splashes inside? Ruth asked angrily at her husband.

“Ah! But I know how to do it now. You put a tissue on it, ”said Eamonn. “And it keeps it all down.” ”

When Eamonn said there had been no dishes, Ruth pointed out that there was a tray and a lid.

As she was about to speak, interrupting him, Eamonn exclaimed, “Stop backing up! ”

“I said-” she tried to continue as Eamonn called him a “snob”, pushing Ruth to take him and shut him up.

She shouted, “Will you let me speak ?! I said I didn’t know that so many people cook in their bacon in the microwave. But my problem was the mess. There was fat splashed all around the microwave!

Eamonn and Ruth could not agree on what had been said

Most recently, on June 19, Eamonn and Ruth had hilarious round trips during a game of Spin To Win.

Eamonn testified that the appellant said “good evening” when he answered the phone rather than the password “bees knees”.

When Ruth silenced her husband, he replied, “He said good evening. ”

“He didn’t,” said Ruth as the pair went around in circles.

Eamonn asked, “Why do you contradict me every time with everything?” ”

Later in the program, the couple clarified that the appellant Lee, of Hull, had said “bees knees” rather than good evening and that Ruth was right.

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