The EU is reopening its borders; Key dates for traveling to France


This is good news for planning a trip to France this summer. The EU has announced plans for a “gradual and partial” reopening of the borders from July 1.

While many EU countries are currently opening their borders to each other within the bloc, the idea would be to reopen the external borders at the end of the month.

European Commission Vice-President Josep Borrell announced on Wednesday that plans will be made public in the coming days.

From 15 June the internal borders of the EU will open

From that date people should be able to travel freely in all countries of the EU bloc, once inside. For example, Austria will reopen its border with Italy on June 16. Spain will reopen its borders with France and Portugal on July 1 and end its quarantine for international travelers.

Switzerland will reopen its borders to all EU and Schengen countries on July 15, but citizens will obviously only be able to travel to these countries if the countries in question have also opened their borders. Euronews reported a country-by-country breakdown of the borders that will open.

From June 29, travel between the UK and France may be possible

From June 8 to 29, the UK imposed a two-week quarantine on people entering the country, prompting France to do the same, although according to The Local, quarantine on the French side is voluntary, has many exemptions and is likely to be scrapped once the UK does the same. The British government plans to review France’s quarantine on June 29.

Travel is now unlimited across France

France has never closed its borders but has demanded an international travel certificate (an international travel certificate) which is only available for special health workers or cross-border workers or for people whose permanent residence is in France and who were trying to return home.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe lifted the 1 km travel restriction in France on May 11 and replaced it with a 100 km restriction. On May 28, this was lifted and it is now possible to travel unlimitedly in France.

While 95% of hotels were closed, and 98% of the dormant tourism sector Philippe announced on May 14 that the French could travel in France during the summer, allowing many to finally plan a vacation, even if it wasn’t the one originally planned.

In July, the main French rail operator, SNCF, plans to relaunch its buffet car service – it has already eliminated the need to sit on all other seats, which means that all the seats in its wagons can now be full when the train leaves (buses, trams and metros always have a policy of using all other seats). Masks are always compulsory in all public transport.

A spokesperson for the US Embassy in Paris said he currently advocates that people not travel. He said they supported the social media campaign underway in all foreign embassies, “Adventure can wait. Stay at home. Stay safe. ”

It remains to be seen when the EU-US border will reopen.


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