The epidemic of COVID-19 at the fast food restaurant warns against complacency, says Dr. Bonnie Henry


BC. Health officials say that a fast food restaurant is the site of one of the last outbreaks of COVID-19 of the province, where at least five people have been infected by the virus in recent days.D Bonnie Henry, officer provincial health, advises the workers to pay attention to the customers, and the other as B. C. the economy continues to reopen.

She has not named the fast food restaurant involved in the recent cases, but has confirmed the spread of the virus among the workers.

“We can become complacent with our comrades of work,” said Henry, who stressed ” that there was a transmission between four or five staff members in this facility. ”

Henry explained that a person infected at work was perhaps not aware of.

“The situation is similar to what we have seen in other places where someone does not recognize that it has symptoms of the milder symptoms. And it may be that there is no spacing or barriers appropriate place in the work place. ”

A team of public health inspectors and environmental health officers visited the restaurant and carried out a complete review of precautions of infection control that should be put in place during the outbreak of coronavirus, according to Henry.

“The follow-up of contacts is our bread and butter in public health around of outbreaks of communicable diseases. And so we have been able to determine exactly who had contact with whom, and who had protected contact with the other. Therefore, the assessment has been made of the risk of the customers to the people, the environment, and it was felt that there was no risk. ”

She says she is not aware of any client who has been exposed and says that the people who may have been exposed have been notified.


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