The Eiffel tower is emblematic of France-opens with strict restrictions against the virus


People, some wearing a mask facial, walk on the place du Trocadéro opposite the Eiffel tower.

Tourists and parisians will be able to again admire the view of the French capital from the Eiffel Tower after a closure of three months due to the coronavirus, but only if they come up the stairs.

Visitors to the monument, the most famous of the city will not be able to take the elevators before 1 July, to ensure a safe distance between people to reduce the risk of infection.

The top of the iconic landmark will remain inaccessible to the public for the moment.

The site of 10 tons of metal will come out of its longest closure since the Second world War in time for the summer season, but with a number of visitors limited at the beginning and masks mandatory for all from the age of 11, said the Web site of the Eiffel Tower.

A woman drinks water in a water fountain near the Eiffel Tour during a hot sunny day.

The first visitors will be admitted from 10: 00 am (0800 GMT), a symbolic moment when France starts to open temporarily in the tourism after the closure of the virus.

Tourists were able to retrieve their tickets from the June 18, opening date of on-line ticketing.

“To ensure that visitors uplink and downlink does not meet in the stairs, the ascent will take place from the pillar and the descent via the West pillar,” explained the operator, with a limited number of visitors per room at a time.

The upper level will remain closed for the time being, ” because the elevators that take visitors from the second to the third floor are small. It could re-open during the summer. “

eiffel3 Children is refreshed in a water fountain near the Eiffel tower The tower.

Gradual return of tourism

The press release indicates that the road markings will be put in place to ensure that people remain at a distance from each other, with ” a cleaning and disinfection in day-to-day public spaces of the tower “.

The monument, completed in 1889, receives about seven million visitors each year, of which about three-quarters of the foreign, according to the website of the tower.


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France is one of the most visited countries in the world and its tourism industry has been badly affected by a lock to put an end to the pandemic of COVID-19, with hotels, restaurants, museums and theatres closed for three months.

These include some of the most famous monuments of the French capital, such as the Louvre museum, which should reopen on the 6th of July, and the palace of Versailles, which reopened earlier this month.

France has lifted the restrictions on european borders from the 15th of June and the tourism industry hopes that the foreign visitors will arrive in the beginning of the summer season.


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