The eccentric life of Michael Jackson’s daughter in Paris, from nine dad tattoos to his new name


Paris, Michael Jackson’s daughter, leads a quirky life.The 22-year-old is a musician like her late father, but instead of wanting to appear on the Billboard charts with pop music, she performs soft rock songs for intimate crowds with her group The Soundflowers.

Jackson’s daughter, who was only 11 years old when her father died, lives a life on the road with her boyfriend and group friend Gabriel Glenn in an attempt to flee Hollywood and even changed her name to a sign of rebirth and now goes through PK Libellule.

Proving that she feels a deep connection to her hitmaker father, she has nine tattoo tributes for him – which cover the scars left by the self-harm that occurred during her troubled adolescence.

Paris, Michael Jackson’s daughter, leads a quirky life

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The star also claims that her father was murdered.

The starlet thinks Jackson’s death was “a set-up,” and told Rolling Stone in 2017 that the singer for Thriller would suggest he was going to be killed.

After years of trying to stay out of the spotlight – although it was signed for one of the world’s largest modeling agencies IMG and film star – Paris is now letting people in as it lifts the cover on his new Unfiltered reality series: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn.

The 22-year-old is a musician like her late father, but says she likes to avoid the limelight

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In the trailer for the series – which will debut on Facebook Watch next week – she says she tried to protect herself from the public eye because of her father’s fame and admits that she was not ready to be in the spotlight.

But now, Paris feels ready to “let the world in”.

“You see a child growing up in the public eye, you forget that I am a human,” she explains.

“I was against letting the world in because it was not a choice. I was not ready at the time. I feel like I’m ready now. ”

This week, Paris paid tribute to the king of pop with new video sequences to mark 11 years since his death.

Paris father Michael Jackson died in 2009 – aged 11

Billie Jean star died in 2009 after suffering a fatal heart attack at a Los Angeles hospital.

Paris has two brothers Michael Joseph Jr, 23, and Prince, 18.

Paris and Michael Jr were born to mother Debbie Rowe.

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Debbie had previously stated that Michael was upset after his separation from his wife Lisa Marie Presley that he might never become a father, so she offered to bear her children.

In 1996 it was announced that she was pregnant and they were married later that year.

They divorced in 1999 and Michael took full responsibility for raising the children.

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She says she’s ready to let the world come in now with her new reality show

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