The doctors of Calgary call for masks mandatory in public spaces


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“In making masks for people, we can see that the demand slows, and the acceptance of face masks in public, people do not simply masks as often “, she said. “As long as there will be no official mandate, people will not adopt it, probably not. ”

The emergency use of masks is even higher for Calgarians at risk, such as Leona Barclay, who began to plead for cover-faces at the beginning of the pandemic, and said that the need of such masks has not disappeared.

“I want this pandemic to disappear. I can’t see my grandchildren, I can’t travel and I think the masks are mandatory is the only way, ” said Barclay. “This is not rocket science. ”

While the number of active cases of COVID-19 increases in Alberta, Hinshaw said that there were bright spots and areas of concern. Most new cases come from known sources, she said, which facilitates the search of contacts, but more cases emerge of places of work and funerals. Two funerals in the recent past have 24 cases related to them, a number that is expected to increase, said Hinshaw.


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