The dirty game of France in Libya has been spoiled by the Turkey


As reported by Daily Sabah on Monday, the Turkey has arrested four people suspected of spying for France. As a result, the four Turkish nationals have been collecting information on the conservative groups and the religious in Turkey. They also used false identification cards to impersonate agents of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT), according to the report. The head of the spy network said to the police that he had been trained in France and was then recruited three other people to help him in his espionage activities.The news comes just after that the relations between Turkey and France, two NATO allies, have been strained as they took different positions on the libyan crisis. More recently, an incident occurred last week between warships and naval Turkish and French in the Mediterranean.

To summarize, France has accused the Turkish navy of ” harassing a French warship during a NATO mission “. The French ministry of Defense has asserted that the frigates of Turkish were extremely aggressive “toward the French warship. When the ship of war the French wanted to check a Turkish ship trying to find out if he is smuggling arms to Libya, the ship has not cooperated and refused to say where he was going, according to French officials.

While France says that the Turkish ship has turned off its system for tracking and hidden, its identification number, the Turkey, denying the accusation, said that the French warship was at fault because it has not established communication with the Turkish ship.

This incident between Turkey and France was the latest outbreak, but the tension between the two countries is nothing new. France actively supporting the YPG, emanation illegal PKK in Syria, the Turkish-French relations were already tense. After the intervention of Turkey in Libya after the military agreement in Ankara with the government of national agreement (GNA) is recognized by the UN, the rift between Turkey and France, which supports the general putschiste Khalifa Haftar, a war criminal, has also appeared in Libya.

In addition to the unfounded accusations from France about the incident in the Mediterranean, the French president Emmanuel Macron went further and said on Monday that France would not tolerate military intervention of Turkey in Libya. While Paris plays a large role in the perpetuation of the chaos in libya by supporting a lord of war, Macron has ridiculously added that Ankara is playing a “dangerous game” in this war-ravaged country.

Ankara has quickly criticized the remarks absurd Macron in a written statement issued by the spokesman of the Turkish ministry of foreign Affairs, Hami Aksoy. The words of the French president ” can only be explained as an eclipse of reason “, because the Turkey’s support to the legitimate government of Libya is consistent with the relevant resolutions of the united nations, the statement said.

In fact, the Turkey is not surprised by the fury of France, as Ankara has changed the course of events on the ground in Libya, thanks to its support for the legitimate government. Supporters of Haftar, such as France, the united arab Emirates, Egypt and Russia, are disappointed in the losses of their puppets during the last two months. Haftar has not only failed in his battle a year ago for Tripoli, it has also lost some of its critical positions he had acquired, since 2014. France, in particular, was angry then that the RNG supported by Turkey prepares to take Jufra and Sirte. Jufra and Sirte are very important for France because they collect the gold and the uranium that they are looting in african countries such as Mali, Chad and Niger as well as of the libyan oil to the air base in Jufra and the transport via the port of Sirte to France. Steal african wealth is not a novelty for France because she has never abandoned his dreams of imperialism for Africa. Libya is simply his last resort to continue its pillage on the continent.

As we know, France is the first country which has turned Libya into a mess. You may remember that when the NATO intervention against dictator Moammar Gadhafi has started to be scheduled, then the United States. President Barack Obama was reluctant; however, France insisted to bombard the north african country and has convinced other members of NATO. Paris has said that he simply wanted to bring freedom to Libya and consideration of the rights of man, but in reality, it was palatable for new opportunities to satisfy his greed. This is why France supports today another dictator and madman in Libya instead of the legitimate government. France could argue that its objective is to combat terrorism and restore security in Libya, but she just wants a different Egypt, a different type of leader Abdel Fattah el-Sissi. Thus, not only is it neglects the brutal tactics of Haftar and the violations of democratic values and human rights, but it promotes.

By the way, Paris sends for several years on military assistance illegal in Libya – this has been verified in numerous reports – even though it is ironically sitting at the table with the international community to develop a resolution. He pretends to want peace in Libya, but in fact, it is one of the countries that stand as barriers to peace. He denies it shamelessly to support the side of Haftar in Libya because he thinks that we forget that Macron welcomed the putschiste Haftar in Paris with a smiling face this year at the offensive of the war chief in Tripoli.

According to the Mission of the United Nations support in Libya, mass graves have been discovered in Tarhuna this month after the RNG has pushed back the forces of Haftar and the has released. It would be unrealistic to think that France would change its mind, would choose the right path in Libya and would help to restore stability after this revelation. More importantly, we should not expect it to be embarrassed to support a war criminal, even after the mass graves horrible have been discovered, because we know his deeds dirty in many african countries. But France must know they will not play more his own game in Libya because the Turkey is there to stop the tragedy.


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