The digital edition PS5 complicates upgrades of next-generation games free


Exactly how the Xbox Series X, and the PlayStation 5 manage the facilitation process of the upgraded versions of current generation games to the next generation could be a key factor for some who choose between the two platforms. But with the introduction of a version without the disc in the PlayStation 5, which is known under the name of digital edition PS5, the situation is already confusing may now be even more complicated.

Microsoft has talked a lot about Smart Delivery, which – assuming that the publishers activate it for their games – will allow you to upload a native version of the X series to a game you buy on Xbox One. Sony was less clear on how this process can work on PS5, although we know that it will be available in at least some cases, such as Destiny 2, and Madden NFL 21. However, in this last case, EA has chosen not to use Smart Delivery on Xbox Series X, instead of implementing its own upgrade path for those who purchase a current version of its football game.

In the context of the revelation of Madden 21, EA reiterated that you can spend Madden 21 on Xbox One or PS4 version Xbox Series X or PS5, provided that you meet certain conditions. Since the upgrade plan was announced for the first time, this has been somewhat simplified – now you just need to buy Madden 21 on console before the launch of Madden 22 to take advantage of the free upgrade.

But if you buy Madden 21 on disc for PS4, you will encounter apparently a problem if you opt for the digital edition PS5. Notes to press release from EA, ” The physical disks that currently can not be used to perform an upgrade, to disclose the consoles. “We don’t know yet if there will be a new Xbox without a disk drive – it could be the rumored Xbox Lockhart – but at the very least, those who do not care about a disk drive PS5 (or opt for simply because it is the only model that they can find in stock) could be excluded from this free upgrade.

If you plan ahead, you can avoid this headache by purchasing simply Madden 21 on PS4 digitally. But this small note of the bottom of the page will not go unnoticed in at least a portion of the public who might hear that they can upgrade to version PS5 for free, and feel frustrated by the reality. And people may specifically want both versions, as EA says that it will offer experiences, “distinct” on the current consoles and next generation, suggesting that the versions PS5 and Xbox Series X will not be exactly the same game with graphics more beautiful. More information will be shared during EA Play Thursday.

A model PS5 without the disc there isn’t a huge surprise, and finally this choice will be good for those who are interested in saving money (because it will sell no doubt cheaper than the model equipped with a disk drive). But as companies navigate this transition somewhat unprecedented to a new set of consoles, where Microsoft in particular is trying to blur the lines between the generations, there will certainly be bumps.

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