The dads share the hilarious and heartfelt cards that they have received this Father’s Day


The DADS have been sharing the hilarious and heartfelt father’s day cards that they have received today, with the children to come up with some very interesting designs.

They say it’s the thought that counts, but some children have certainly made more effort than others.

While some children are taken out of their arts and crafts to personalize the cards, others have clearly forgotten, and re-use of old birthday cards in a panic.

The fathers took to social media to show the sourdough creations that they have received, and the self-portraits have been a popular theme with dads re-imagined as scribbles, stick men and even Elvis Presley.

Others went a little further, with a child to make a 3D trophy for their old man, which went down a treat.

The joyful recipient wrote: “Happy father’s day to #sensitivedadsoftwitter – sorry if you have a little factory product card, saying: you are the best dad in the world, you are not I am was awarded the official trophy to prove it.”

The stress of going home versions seemed to be appreciated, with a guy saying, “Here are the cards my boys gave me this morning. Better than any store bought cards.

“Happy father’s day to all!!!”

And there were a few that featured some very questionable drawings, which resembled something very rude instead.

Sharing a snap of her phallic-esque card, a bemused dad wrote: “Interesting shape for a father’s day card”.

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