The cowboys’ Dak Prescott to sign 2020 franchise tag contract talks expected to heat up ahead of the NFL deadline


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Dak Prescott To Sign To $31.4 Million Franchise Tender With Cowboys

More than a year in the making, the contract talks between Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys continue as the NFL as the deadline is rapidly approaching. The two sides will be forced to wait until 2021 to revisit the talks if an agreement cannot be struck by the 15 July, and the two-time Pro Bowl quarterback, has — until this point — has chosen not to sign the exclusive franchise tag that would pay him $ 31.4 million in 2020. The virtual offseason is coming to an end June 26, however, Prescott has had a change of heart and it is planned to sign the tender on Monday, a source confirms to CBS Sports.

Up to now, Prescott has been absent from the Cowboys virtual offseason in lieu of a new agreement, but there is no bad blood at any point in the negotiations, and his decision to sign the tag is not completely unexpected. It has long held good, he wants to stay in a Cowboys uniform for the foreseeable future, and the team has doubled and tripled down on the position that they are all in on the former Rookie of the Year. The main sticking point remains the length of the contract, with the elders, who want to engage themselves for four years, while the latter stands firm to five.

The two have compromised their initial application, which saw Prescott lobby for a period of three years while the club has looked to lock him up for seven years.

As it is, the last offer has the cow-boys of lobbying for a five-year, $175 million deal ($35 million per year) with an increase of $ 106 million to Prescott and, despite reports to the contrary, he has not officially turned down. Sources have confirmed to CBS Sports, there has also never ask for 45 million dollars for the Year 5, although the amount of the guaranteed money is still very much in flux. The Cowboys will likely have to raise the bar in this category, in order to persuade Prescott to sign a five-year term — bearing in mind that he wants to renegotiate sooner rather than later in the coming 2-3 years, such as new TELEVISION and incomes of the ball game the salary cap, and a separate source notes the team is not adverse to knocking on the door of $ 110 million or more if they can get a fifth year.

Otherwise, they are going to have to concede to the four-year request of Prescott.

There has been no traction in talks since mid-spring, and this, for several reasons, including the premature death of Prescott, brother-in-law who has caused the two sides to just as take a break. The 26-year-old then turned his attention to social injustice, offering half of his 2019 salary to promote equality, but that the calendar about to turn to July, a little over a week, it is expected the talks will resume as early as late June or early July to make a push to get the deal done before July 15.

The securing of Prescott for the long term is the best scenario for the cowboys and they grow to do so, but, in the worst case, they at least know that he will be in uniform if the season begins as planned in 2020.


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