The coronavirus will not stop British Columbia. minimum wage increase Monday: Minister


The British Columbia Minister of Labor says he understands the pressures employers face during the COVID-19 pandemic, but workers are also struggling and the minimum wage will rise as expected on Monday.

The B.C. government announced a series of minimum wage increases in 2018 and the June 1 wage increase increases by 75 cents an hour to $ 14.60.

BEFORE CHRIST. increase the minimum wage to $ 15.20 an hour by June 2021

Harry Bains says Ministry of Labor data shows that 60% of people earn the minimum wage in British Columbia. are women and 93% of minimum wage jobs in the province are in the service sector, including cleaning services, grocery stores and restaurants.

Would an increase in the minimum wage lower suicide rates? Yes, study reveals

Would an increase in the minimum wage lower suicide rates? Yes, study reveals

He says businesses can take advantage of tax breaks and deferral options as part of the government’s $ 5 billion pandemic relief plan, which also includes a $ 1.5 billion economic stimulus fund .

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Impact of a $ 15 Minimum Wage on the Economy of British Columbia

Statistics Canada reported that the unemployment rate in British Columbia climbed to 11.5% in April, with almost 400,000 jobs lost since March, as businesses laid off workers, some of them closing permanently.

British Columbia’s minimum wage will increase to $ 15.20 an hour by June 2021.

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