The conservatives Want the Guggenheim to Fix the Culture That Allows Racism “


“Our curatorial staff is essential to the Guggenheim, and we’re listening,” he said in the statement. “Their efforts to make the change is an opportunity for us to engage in a dialogue beneficial to become a more diverse, equitable and welcoming for all.”

Mr. Armstrong began that dialogue with some of the museum’s 22 curators Monday Zoom calls after the receipt of the letter, a museum spokesman confirmed. The spokesperson, Sarah Eaton, has also confirmed that the head curator, Ms. Spector, decided to take a three month sabbatical leave from July 1, if there was no indication that the decision was linked to the letter.

Ms. Spector declined to comment.

On Sunday, Troy Conrad Therrien, the museum’s curator of architecture and digital initiatives, has sent his own letter to the museum leadership, in which he announced his intention to resign to take responsibility for what he described as its complicity in a “corporate culture that has systematically deprived of their rights for far too long.”

“It is time for many of us who have taken advantage of this flaw in the system, while occupying positions of leadership to make room for those who can more fully embody fairness, which is not only necessary, but urgent,” Mr. Therrien said.

The museum said that it had not taken a decision on Mr. Therrien’s offer to resign.

The Guggenheim museum, which attracts about 1.2 million visitors per year, has a $ 60 million budget and a $ 90 million endowment. The museum’s 276 full-time staff members, 26 are black, 24 are Latino and 20 are Asian. The museum’s 25 trustees, 23 are white in color.


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