The City of New York, in order to target the suppliers of illegal fireworks


New York is one of several large cities, is reporting a large increase in illegal fireworks complaints, joining Boston, San Francisco, Oakland, Pasadena, and others.

“We will launch an extensive sting operation to go look for some of these illegal fireworks at the base,” de Blasio said during his press conference. “Meaning wherever they are sold around the City of New York, and even when they are sold in the surrounding states that we know that flows in the City of New York. ”

The working group will be composed of 10 officers of the new york police department’s Intelligence Bureau, 12 FDNY Fire Marshals and 20 members of the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Bureau. They will work together to identify where the fireworks are coming from, focus on the suppliers and seize them when they can, de Blasio said.

“We’re going to the suppliers,” de Blasio said. “There will be all kinds of measures have been taken. Undercover buys, sting operations, to find out where the supply is, and cut off at the knees. “

The fireworks have been a constant problem in the City of New York, with the outbreak of the complaints in June.From the 1st June until the 21st of June, there were 11,275 calls to the city to report illegal fireworks. During the same period last year, there were only 28 calls, according to 311 data published by the office of the mayor.

Residents who have grown tired of hearing the bangs and the pop of the night organized a protest outside of de Blasio’s residence, blaring their car horns as a means to implore the mayor to take action.

And on Tuesday, the Head of the new york police department Detectives Rodney Harrison has posted a video on Twitter asking for help to identify a man seen throwing fireworks at a homeless man who was sleeping on the sidewalk in Harlem. The film shows the unknown man running out moments before an explosion and a flash of fire is seen that burned the back of the man.

The police are still in search of the man who threw the firework.

Despite the decision to create the working group, there is no plan in place to target people who are setting of fireworks in the city.

“As usual,” said the official when asked about what can be expected on Tuesday evening in the City of New York.

The accent, the official said, on the main suppliers and distributors, and not on the people setting of the fireworks.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said that he had to field calls from residents asking him to speak to the local police precinct to the step of the application.

Adams said he had been going out at night to the neighborhoods of Brooklyn to talk to the young people setting of fireworks.

Adams, a former member of the new york police department who retired in 2005, said that he wanted to be there in case of a situation between a police officer and a young person is tense and I wanted to help to defuse any potential situation.

“I don’t want the cops who are frustrated and angry protest to the stage the wrong way,” Adams said. “There is one thing more dangerous than a man who has nothing to lose. It is a young man who has nothing to lose. “


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