The Chelsea fans reject the jibe “unbearable” Liverpool to support the title against Man City


Chelsea has a chance to get Liverpool the Premier League title Thursday night.The team of Frank Lampard, currently in the race for the top four, will face Manchester City at Stamford Bridge.

If the holding of Pep Guardiola does not overcome the London Blues, his crown would fall to Liverpool – a perspective to which many rival supporters clashed.

But this is the result that most of the Chelsea fans welcome because of their own ambitions in the champions League.

“to be unbearable. ”

But the reaction to this post was mainly positive towards the team of Jurgen Klopp, most of the Chelsea fans being focused on the race for the top four.

A fan replied: “At the end of the day, they were going to win anyway, if it means that we get top 4, I’m happy. ”

While another had a similar message, as they wrote: “Exactly. The Top 4 is everything on what I concentrate, I don’t care what happens to Merseyside. ”

Another bear has shared his intention to call his friends Liverpool fan after the match. They said: “Honestly, the fans of Liverpool that I still have as a companions, I’ll call them to congratulate them because I’ve been lucky to have very good fans of Liverpool as friends. “

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“I’m far from being a fan of Liverpool, but they richly deserve,” said a user of Reddit.

Wrote another: “Liverpool is world class for 3 seasons. Their fans have the bragging rights imo. ”

“I don’t care really at this point. I want that Chelsea win against City, regardless of the outcome, ” wrote another fan.

Day Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

“Liverpool deserves to win this year and will win anyway, so I don’t see how this makes a difference. ”

Even if this does not suit to all Chelsea fans, as one of them said, ” it would be like to win the most dirty for some time “.

Commenting on the fact that a stunner from Eden Hazard helped to seal Leicester City their title in 2016, a fan joked: “So, we would have won the title for Leicester and Liverpool? Elite club. “


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