The British rule of social distancing under study


At a press conference in Downing Street in May, Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty stressed the importance of social isolation to fight the spread of the coronavirus. “It is essential that people maintain two meters – and it is really important,” he said.

Asked if any change to the two-meter rule should be approved by Whitty and the government’s chief scientific adviser, Patrick Vallance, Sunak said, “We [ministers] are the people who are elected to make decisions in this country. People should hold us accountable for these decisions. ”

Sunak also alluded to changes in quarantine measures for passengers from other countries that have come under heavy criticism from the travel industry.

“Obviously, it’s not something we want to have. Over time, we would all like to return to our normal lives – including travel. And that’s why the secretary of transportation is actively exploring options as we continue to work on the virus, maybe we can do more here, “said the Chancellor.


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