The british railways will be “re-nationalized” thanks to emergency measures against the coronavirus


The government will “nationalize” the british railways using emergency measures against the coronavirus, has been revealed.

This decision would see the end of the franchise system current, set up by John Major.

The secretary of Transportation, Grant Shapps, has claimed that the pandemic had given the government the opportunity to build a “kind of railway is different.”

According to the plans, the government would give rail operators a fixed fee for taking control of all the routes and collect the fares.

The new system, Mr Shapps, that he will oversee probably as a member of a board of directors, would result in control of rates and schedules for ministers.

The proposals of the secretary of Transportation, Grant Shapps, should be included in the final report of an independent review of 21 months on the british railways

He said the transportation Committee of the House of commons that his proposal “would restore the railway”.

Mr Shapps has compared his system to Transport for London, which considers the operators under contract to operate the airlines as “concessions”.

Network Rail should be entitled to assign such contracts, to decide the number of services to run, and even set goals for the operators.

The proposals by Mr Shapps should be included in the final report of an independent review of 21 months on the british railways by Keith Williams, former chief executive of British Airways.

The minister promised that the review long-awaited would expose his plans in more detail.

He added: “The road between where we are and where we were has changed, and you could say fast “.

The current system sees the franchise owners collect rates, giving a percentage to the Exchequer.

They have the incentive to maximize their income and may have an effect on the price for the commuters.

It follows the government’s decision to put the railways under its control at the height of the pandemic coronavirus, in order to protect the revenues of the franchises.

The number of passengers has dropped in the middle of the epidemic, forcing the government to conclude agreements with the railway operators.

These agreements will terminate, however, in September, paving the way for a restructuring of british railways.

He said to the transport committee of the House of commons that his proposal

He said to the transport committee of the House of commons that his proposal “would restore the railway”

The Transport minister has also pledged to erect a memorial to the workers who died during the pandemic.

It was suggested that the memorial could be placed at Victoria Station in London, to commemorate the death of the agent tty Belly Mujinga.

Ms. Mujinga died in April, just days after a man who said he had the virus had coughed and coughed while she was working.

The minister said: “I have spoken to trade unions and other people to do something a little more long term to commemorate the contribution and the extraordinary efforts of workers in the transport sector to help this country in this time of crisis.

“We don’t know if this [Ms Mujinga’s death] was linked to this incident, but this could nevertheless be an appropriate place to remember all transport workers.

Mr Shapps has also admitted that the government would probably be the priority for cyclists compared to drivers of post-coronavirus.

He noted that bicycle use had doubled during the week, and tripled on the weekend when the lockout was at its height, and said that local authorities should redefine the road-space.

He said: “The trick is to continue, this requires more than the large sums that we invest. It also requires a change of culture. “

In may, the government unveiled a package of 2 billion pounds to encourage cycling and walking, with 250 million pounds sterling available immediately for temporary measures to promote social distancing.

But, speaking at the transport committee, Mr Shapps has admitted that its project to turn a half-million bikes that are unused with 50 £ for repairs, and the revision had not yet issued a single good.

He said: “We have a problem. There is a huge waiting list for everything related to bikes. “


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