The boss of Liverpool Jurgen Klopp sends a message to Man City, but rejects the idea of celebration


Jurgen Klopp said that he will monitor the visit of Manchester City to Chelsea – but has stated that it would hold no celebration occurred when Liverpool was crowned the champion of the Premier League.A thumping 4-0 to Crystal Palace on Wednesday night at Anfield, a closed circuit, leaves the Reds just two points over their last seven games to be crowned champions.

However, if City stumbles to Chelsea on Thursday, Liverpool will be confirmed the winner of the Premier League in a record time after having amassed 86 points in 31 matches.

Klopp, however, said that it will not do attention to the events of Stamford Bridge only to identify the two teams that the Reds still have to play by the end of the season.

“I will be watching the game tomorrow evening to prepare a feast,” said Klopp. “I’m going to watch the game because we are playing Manchester City a week later. So I have to watch it.

“All the more as it is against Chelsea that we are also playing, so this match is the match really that important to watch for many reasons.

“So, whatever happens tomorrow night, we have no influence on it, so I’m not too interested to be honest. But I’m almost sure that the match against Man City next week is a must for all football fans on the planet.

“Because no matter what is decided or not, those are two very good teams and it will be quite interesting to be honest. “

Asked if he and his team will organize a kind of meeting to watch the match, the manager of Liverpool said that it was not part of a plan potential, despite the prospect of a 30-year wait for the title of champion here on Thursday evening.

Klopp added: “No, I’m not involved in things like this. I have nothing to do with any of these things, I will be watching the game tomorrow night to find out what Manchester City did and to know what Chlesea while we play so I’ve got a sort of idea at least, which is why I look at it.

“I really have nothing to do with anything else and we don’t expect things like that. We want to play this game tonight and we want to have this result.

The news of Liverpool FC, to read absolutely

“I would have taken the three points before the match. I loved the performance tonight and the rest will happen when it will happen.

“All the other stuff, I’m really not too interested in it. So we did [the fans’] the night when, if you want to. They have watched the game at home and I hope to see how people reacted when we scored the goals.

“It would be really nice if I could have it because it is why we do it, no other reason. “


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