The boss of Arsenal, Arteta reveals the reaction of Ozil to the exclusion


Mikel Arteta says Mesut Ozil is in need of “a little time” before you can play again for Arsenal this season, while the Spaniard revealed that the midfielder had responded well to its exclusion.

The manager of Arsenal was pretty abrupt in his interview post-match after their 3-0 defeat against Manchester City and initially did not want to develop leaving Ozil out of his team of 20 men.

Pushed, he gave a explanation of Ozil in five words – but now Arteta has explained in detail the reasons why the German international had been left out.

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“I am very open with Mesut since the first day,” said Arteta. “Since I entered, I thought that he was in shape and he was ready and that he wanted to play at the level he could do.

“He played all the matches with me, I think. So it’s all. As soon as I see that it is again ready to do it, I will treat them as anyone else. I think I’ve been more than fair with him and I think he has reacted in many games as I wish. It is what it is. ”

When asked why Ozil was not ready to play against City, Arteta added: “a Lot of things happened to him these past few weeks, and I have to respect the timing of each player that sometimes needs a little time.

“The preparation has been difficult over the last two months to prepare the players, and once again, I am the first to want Mesut to the better and I want to give him the best when he can give the best of himself.”

When asked by reporters about the reaction of Ozil to his withdrawal from the team, Arteta continued: “He works very well with me, there has been no problem.

“My conversation with Masud’s going to stay between him and me. What I can tell you is that everything went well, a conversation that is honest and clear, that’s all. ”

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