The border guards israelis kill a parent of the top negotiator of the PLO, Saeb Erekat | world News


The cctv footage has been released showing the moment a car driven by a parent of a senior palestinian official Saeb Erekat has struck a checkpoint of the police in East Jerusalem.

The images show the Hyundai Accent silver-tone colliding with a small hut with the police. The video, released by the police, then it shows the moment where they shot and killed Ahmad Moustafa Erekat.

In a statement accompanying the images, the spokesperson for the israeli police Micky Rosenfeld said: “Yesterday [Tuesday] at 16 hours, an attack took place and the terrorist was killed by a bullet. ”

The statement continued: “In the images, the terrorist drove his vehicle toward the security line, then slowly headed for the border guard women on the bias and an officer was slightly injured and taken to the hospital. ”

However, the family of Mr. Erekat insists on the fact that he has lost control of the vehicle he used to transport members of his family at the marriage of his sister.

Ahmad Moustafa Erekat with one of his sisters

According to a statement from the family, Mr. Erekat had rented the vehicle and collected her mother and her sisters in a beauty salon in the city cisjordanienne of Bethlehem and carried them to the wedding family this evening.

“We think that if something happened, it must be a car accident or a loss of control of the vehicle. As usual, the police pressed quickly on the trigger “, explained the member of the family.

Ahmed Erakat was the nephew of Saeb Erekat, the secretary-general of the Organization for the liberation of Palestine (PLO), the chief negotiator for the last 30 years of peace talks and a key figure in the peace process.

Accusing the israeli police of “murder” and accelerating a “kill first, justify later” policy, Mr. Erekat has demanded an independent investigation.

“Ahmed Erakat was murdered in cold blood at the road blockade in Wadi al-Nar, by the israeli occupation forces. They continue their lies and claim that he had attempted to crush the soldiers. Netanyahu is responsible, ” said Mr. Erekat.

“The car was going less [than] five kilometres per hour. This is not the speed necessary for an attack. We demand an international investigation. ”

The video shows the car slowly approaching the checkpoint, before turning to the hut of police and accelerate.

A police officer of the border is projected in the air. The officer was then admitted to the hospital with minor injuries.

We see the driver of the vehicle to go out a few seconds after the impact. The video has been rasterized by the police before its release, therefore, it is not possible to verify with accuracy how Mr. Erekat was in the seconds that preceded his shooting.

In the israeli newspaper Haaretz, the cousin of death, Dalal Iriqat, vice-president of international relations of the University arab-american Palestine, said: “Our fight is to stop the killing of our people. When we ask for help, someone is listening to it? The lives of Palestinians, is it really important? ”

“He was executed by the Israelis after he lost control of his car and crashed at a checkpoint. They let him bleed for over an hour. The occupation army prevented an ambulance from reaching it, it has prevented civilians from approaching to comfort, this has prevented witnesses who could record the details of the crime. ”

A video of the moments after the incident confirms that no medical assistance was provided to the man after he was shot.

In recent years, there has been an increase in attacks from hammer, as well as gunshots and stabbings perpetrated by attackers palestinians isolated without any connection with armed groups.

There have also been cases of innocent people incorrectly identified as a threat.

Last month, the israeli police shot and killed Eyad Hallaq, 32-year-old they believed was carrying a weapon.

He fled from them and was shot. It was subsequently identified as autistic, and going on foot to a nearby school for students with disabilities in the old city of Jerusalem.


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