The Blue Jays seek a shelter in Toronto after the outbreak of COVID-19 in Dunedin


TORONTO – By this weekend, the Toronto Blue Jays should indicate to their players where present for the training camp by July 1.

By then, it was difficult to find a suitable place for their part in the restart precarious baseball is on the horizon, with the multiple cases of COVID-19 among the players and the staff of the facility now closed club in Dunedin, Florida, as revealed by a source Wednesday afternoon, fueling the urgency.

A few hours later, the wheels were in motion on several fronts, the home of the Rogers Centre in Toronto as his landing point favorite. To do this, there should be a letter of exemption from the federal government similar to the one that the NHL has received, allowing him to create cities-hubs in the country, and would prepare the ground for regular season games in the city also.

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Anna Maddison, a spokesperson for the public health Agency of Canada, told the Associated Press that the government ” had been received and is currently evaluating a plan to restart part of Major League Baseball.” That includes a spring training session or not was not immediately clear, although a response is expected by the end of the week.

The Blue Jays could establish a hub of relatively autonomous in using the hotel attached to the dome as a base for the players, with a direct access to the field below. The same process could be replicated for matches during the season, the clubs coming travelling directly from the airport to the hotel, playing their matches and leaving the city just after with a minimal amount of space.

In such a scenario, the Blue Jays would potentially Sahlen Field in Buffalo, where the affiliated triple-A Buffalo, as the site of alternative workout for players not on the active list as required by the manual of operations the 2020 Major League Baseball.

The Bison are in stop mode, several employees being placed on leave, although the tyres are introduced on the time it will take to prepare for the installation and conform to the protocols of health and safety of the baseball.

Prior to this, the majority of the efforts of the Blue Jays focused on the holding of the camp in Dunedin, with TD Ballpark positioned as an alternative if the restrictions at the border and the quarantine period of 14 days for travelers arriving removed Toronto from the table.

All that has changed since the closure of the complex at the end of last week after a player has shown symptoms at the same time that the Philadelphia Phillies, a 15-minute drive of Clearwater, have confirmed that five players and three staff members were found to be positive. On Tuesday, the Phillies have added another player and two other staff members had also COVID-19, the source revealing the tests to be positive in the camp of the Blue Jays on Wednesday.

Cases of COVID-19 were increased in Florida and Pinellas county, which is home to both Dunedin and Clearwater, has grown for six consecutive days with at least 201 new cases, including a top one-day 353-Tuesday.

To contextualize the increase, the 9 June, there were 50 new cases.

More deeply in these figures is that of the 4 323 cases in the country, 976 were in the age group 25-34 years, with 677 in the 15-24 age group, the demographics are closely aligned with the baseball players.

Such a prevalence troubling has left at least some with the club uncomfortable to return to Florida, even with the strict protocols of the MLB in place.

The operations manual calls for the players that arrive to fill in a questionnaire on symptoms and exposure in the context of a pre-selection process, not doing the screening for admission once approved. At this stage, an appointment 48-72 hours prior to the declaration date of July 1, is intended for diagnostic testing / PCR as well as serological tests / antibody to the coronavirus.

The protocol also provides testing and daily controls on temperature, diagnostic tests / PCR every two days and antibody testing monthly.

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The pivot of the obtaining of the approval of the canadian government will demonstrate a capacity to keep the players in good health once inside of the ecosystem that the teams in MLB must establish. It is not known how the many positives of the last week will affect the assessment as to bring the players and staff are potentially infected in the country is not a beginner.

Failing that, the Blue Jays could always stay in Dunedin, well as to avoid new epidemics in an area to spread community creeping can be an impossible task.

In the worst case, the operations manual gives the MLB the right during the season to move teams to “sites, neutral sites, spring training, or of other baseball clubs… for reasons of health / safety, to comply with government restrictions, or to complete the calendar. ”

The pressure is the appointment in just a week.


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