The Blue Jays are homeless are scrambling to prepare for a shorter season


With 60 games remaining in the calendar year 2019, the Blue Jays were only 27.5 games out of first place in the american League East.But in a season of major League baseball waiting like no other before it, this mark of 60 games will be the starting point for the Jays and 29 other teams that démèneront to prepare a calendar shortcut that should soon be finalized.

In an agreement finally reached on Tuesday night after months of negotiations atrocious and in bad faith, the baseball will cease to beat, and will raise a host of other challenges presented by the pandemic COVID-19.

The calendar abstract, approved by the Major League Baseball Players ’Association, is expected to start on the 23rd or the 24th of July. Players must arrive at their team before the 1st of July for a training camp of three weeks.

For the moment, anyway, the Jays are in a position that is unique and challenging compared to all their rivals. Due to restrictions on border related to the virus, players and staff not able to come to Canada without quarantine for 14 days.

The training camp was to be held in Dunedin, Florida, but the news Wednesday that several players and members of the staff of the complex to the minor league team were tested positive for COVID-19 could ensure that the team modifies its plans, confirmed a source.

The TD Ballpark in the vicinity is still regarded as one of the best candidates for home games of the Jays once the season starts, although the team to be actively pressuring the canadian government to return to the Rogers Centre for at least a part of the schedule.

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Jays are expecting to receive news of Ottawa in “the next day or two”. If this happens, they will ask to hold their spring training in Toronto, though it may take a few more days to secure.

This will be a sprint of a season compared to the marathon of 162 games, which was eliminated when the virus has closed the world of sport in march, creates surely unique circumstances.

It also has the potential to produce exciting results, especially for a young team of the Jays, who added the ace star Hyun-Jin Ryu during the off-season and could have Nate Pearson, the best hope launcher flame in the course of its rotation, rebuilt.

Consider that the Jays have played 29-31 their last 60 games, surfing on the emergence of young stars such as Bo Bichette, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Cavan Biggio, and the possibilities are intriguing.

A few logistical elements significant to a calendar that put an end to a battle acrimonious between the MLB and its union:

♦ For the regular season, the national League and the american League will be discontinued with three divisions of 10 teams that are created according to geographical lines to facilitate travel. The Jays will play 10 games against each of their four opponents in the AL East and the rest against the NL East.

♦ The season will start on 23 or 24 July, and ends on the 27th of September. The expanded format of the playoffs negotiated previously has been eliminated after the failure of the discussions.

♦ The rule changes include the addition of a DH universal for all teams, a necessity due to the mixture between the teams AL and NL in their new divisions. In part because of health problems designed to speed up the game, the additional parts will begin with a runner on second base.

♦ The minor leagues of baseball was virtually closed, teams will be able to bring 60 players to camp, a list that must be submitted to the league on Sunday. The teams will be able to tap into that hen the whole season. Given the training period shortened, the teams will be allowed to carry 30 players for the first two weeks, after which it will be reduced to 28 and 26.

♦ Because of the protocols of health and safety in the new agreement aimed at reducing the time spent in the park, there will be no double program planned in 2020. In addition, the players can only arrive at the stadium five hours before the first start and have to leave 90 minutes after its conclusion.

♦ There are a number of initiatives of social distancing in place, including the managers leaving the shelter to discuss it with a referee required to maintain a distance of six feet or risking an ejection, a suspension and / or fines. We told the players not to fraternize with the opposing teams before the match, during the match or between games.

♦ The list of the wounded will be set at 10 games for the affections of traditional game-related, but for the problems of COVID-19, there is no maximum or minimum period.

– As cold as it may be to treat a player in the middle of a season cut short by a pandemic, the deadline of trade has been set at 31 August.

During this time, the uncertainty surrounding the Jays has intensified last week when a launch team of 40 people showed symptoms of COVID-19. The installation – and all those in Florida and Arizona – has been closed for a deep cleaning.

TD Ballpark, where the Jays play their League season on grapefruit, remains an option for the calendar at home to 30 games if the Rogers Centre is not available. The team has recently worked on improving the stadium lighting recently renovated, a major upgrade to television programming.

Part of the pitch the Jays to get games in Toronto will be the ability to create a bubble at the Rogers Center where teams of visitors could be accommodated in the hotel part of the stage of aging. In the scenes, the direction of the Jays will attempt to obtain a similar exemption as the NHL was able to get to the canadian cities that bid to be a centre for the Stanley Cup playoffs.

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