The BBC offers voluntary dismissal to all public service employees – RadioToday


BBC chief executive Lord Hall has announced plans to allow any member of the company’s public service staff – including radio – to request voluntary redundancies.

At a staff briefing, he stressed the need to save an additional £ 125 million on budgets this year and said that more than a third of the BBC’s costs were related to its staff.

He said he hoped offering the possibility of voluntary dismissal would mean that the BBC would not have to make compulsory dismissals any further.

Lord Hall himself is expected to leave the BBC later this year, with former director of audio and music Tim Davie becoming general manager in September.

Staff will be able to express interest in the layoff from tomorrow (Thursday) for a period of six weeks. It is understood that the program will be open to all public service employees based in the United Kingdom and at all levels. There would be no guarantee that the request would be accepted and any dismissals would be based on the needs of the business.

Divisions, including BBC News, have already announced plans to cut and close jobs. Many of these cost reduction plans were discontinued during the coronavirus pandemic, but are now being relaunched.


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