The battle brave of Caroline Flack against depression after his strictly victory


Caroline Flack was already a tv presenter very successful when she participated in the 12th series of Strictly Come Dancing. But his personality is bright and bubbly, as well as his dance moves amazing on the floor of the ballroom and have made it a favorite of the fans.

Caroline and her partner dance professional Pasha Kovalev have won the victory in the hit series from the BBC – and nobody seemed more surprised than the star of Love Island itself.

During his time on Strictly, Caroline seemed to be full of energy, smiles and warmth – but behind the scenes she was struggling with domestic unrest.

The host of X Factor was going out with the musical director, Jack Street, for 18 months when she went on the dance floor Strictly.

Caroline Flack has won Strictly 2014

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But during his stay in the series, the couple is separated and there were rumors that he had become close to the actress, Glee, Dianna Agron.

Determined to show a brave face, Caroline sported his best smile and went on the dance floor to a live show just a few days after he discovered it.

It was the semi-finals and Caroline didn’t want to let down his fans. However, she has made a mistake with its not – and was devastated.

In his autobiography 2015, Storm In A C-Cup, she has written that only his professional partner Pasha “knew of the reason. My private life was in tatters ” .

Despite his personal problems, Caroline was a candidate popular on Strictly with both the fans at home and other celebrities and dancers.

Caroline has performed routines amazing

The former pro of Strictly Kristina Rihanoff has told Good Morning Britain: “During the show, she has appeared as a sweet and bubbly happy. Everyone loved working with her. Still ways had a smile on his lips. ”

And Caroline was thrilled when she was crowned the champion and raising the trophy Glitterball.

She and Pasha have obtained perfect scores in all of their dance routines during the finals – the first time a couple on Strictly had obtained a blank sheet of the best notes.

At the time, Caroline said: “This has been the best experience of my whole life, mostly because of Pasha but also because of the other competitors. I am so lucky to know this amazing group of people. “

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But after all that Caroline had gone through, it was a moment of overwhelming.

She said later: “I couldn’t get up and I couldn’t resume at all this next year.

“I felt ridiculous, being so sad when I had to win the greatest show on tv.

“However, I had the impression of being retained by a piece of string that could break at any time. ”

Later, Caroline admitted that it was the beginning of a spiral is heart-wrenching in the depression.

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She was prescribed antidepressants, but she said that they had been left “numb” and she is so in part because she felt that she had become too dependent on the drug.

Caroline then had a huge success with the X Factor and Love Island.

And four years after they lifted the trophy Glitterball, she returned to the dance floor Strictly when she participated in the Christmas special with Gorka Marquez.

The lead singer of JLS, Aston Merrygold, has been crowned the final winner, but Caroline insisted on the fact that ” my Glitterball was always a place of choice in my living room “.

Tragically, Caroline committed suicide earlier this year.

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