The application Gov Ditch Contact Tracing works with Google and Apple


MATT Hancock today announced that the NHS would abandon its current version of its application it is crucial to follow-up contacts – but Google and Apple don’t work properly either.

The ministry of Health has confirmed the revelations of The Sun this afternoon, claiming that the application had encountered difficulties during its test.

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The application NHS will be abandoned in the form currently in

It was announced that the version centralized current developed by the NHS will be merged with a platform separate developed by Apple and Google, because none is working correctly.

And it has refused to set a date by which it could be ready.

Mr Hancock said: “We knew from the beginning that we had to test and learn while we develop this new technology.

“As we enter this next phase of research and development, we are determined to continue our ambition to develop an application that meets the technical needs, and security of users of the public and which can complement the NHS service Test and Trace. ”

The ministry of Health said that he would focus on finding a solution, ” which brings together the work on our application and the Google / Apple “.

Officials have confirmed that the application is not deployed in its current form because it is not proving effective.

They said that there were advantages and disadvantages to both the application NHS centralised and decentralised version of Google and Apple, so the integration of the platforms will benefit from the advantages of both.

A source said that the new approach ” will take the advantages of both and eliminate the disadvantages “.

Officials say they are confident that they will have “something that is absolutely suited to the use intended for the fall / winter,” which will be ready for the flu season.

Matthew Gould – the man responsible for leading the application – has been expelled from the project in the middle of the delays, said sources.

He will be replaced by Simon Thompson, director of products at Ocado, who had previously spent nearly two years at Apple.

Matt Hancock will announce changes to the application this eveningCredit: AFP

The integration of Apple technology and Google will put England and Wales in line with most other european countries, which will facilitate the travel of the British to the continent, because they will already have the same application need to report new outbreaks.

France is the only other country to have avoided the Apple app and Google to this day and the country should also make the change.

The consistent approach will help prevent new arrivals to the Uk to spread the virus here because they have the same technology.

Health ministers from across Europe held a virtual meeting today to agree to proceed to the Apple app / Google.

But this change threatens to delay the lifting of restrictions on locking, since the application is essential to hunt for new cases of coronavirus and to identify the source of epidemics.

The application has been considered a key element in the fight against breakouts local of the virus and to impose measures to lock “détraquées” to prevent its spread.

Dido Harding will appear at the briefing this evening with Matt Hancock3
Dido Harding will appear at the briefing this evening with Matt Hancock

Mr. Thompson will now take on the responsibility of the application and will report directly to the baroness Dido Harding, chief Test and Trace.

This comes after the minister of Health, Lord Bethell, has said that the application of smart phone for contact tracing may not be ready by the winter.


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