The anger, in France, as Nokia announces layoffs


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                Les finlandais du groupe de télécommunications Nokia a annoncé lundi qu'il a l'intention de coupe de 1 233 emplois de ses activités en France. Les syndicats et les politiciens se sont prononcés contre le régime, appelant le gouvernement à renforcer et à protéger les travailleurs.

Nokia la filiale française d'Alcatel-Lucent est fixé à la barre oblique de 402 emplois à son usine de Lannion, en Bretagne.

Other plants that are highly affected by the reductions of the factory at Nozay (Essonne), south of Paris, where 831 jobs will be deleted.

This is the fourth cost-reduction announcement in four years, since Alcatel-Lucent was acquired by Nokia in 2016, to expand the network 5G.

“It is totally unacceptable when we know that Nokia has invested 30 to 40 million euros in new buildings recently,” the mayor of Lannion, Paul Le Bihan, said on France info on Monday.

A hard kick to a medium-sized city

“400 800 jobs is really hard to accept, and we are left wondering what their strategy is,” he said, noting that Nokia was the third largest employer in the city, behind the hospital and to Orange.

“This is shooting ourselves in the foot…after all we have done lately to revitalize the city center with shops, and to attract people. It is condemning the future development of a medium-sized city, ” he says, remembering the days when there were some 2000 workers on the site.

“If the government can do something, all the best,” he concluded.

“The state must come forward and say that there will be no job losses,” insisted the secretary general of the trade union of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, interviewed by France info on Tuesday.

The government called upon to intervene

“We need to keep these jobs in France,” he says.

“It was a promise made by Emmanuel Macron, when he was the minister of the economy at a time when Alcatel-Lucent was acquired by Nokia. ”

“Nokia is getting help from the government with the credits of research, and therefore the state must intervene and send a strong message. ”

He pointed out that the number of jobs cut were in the area of research and development, a strategic mistake for France in his opinion.

Eric Bothorel, the party in power LREM representative for Côtes-d’armor department in Brittany accepts that the technical know-how, large firms like Nokia is the one of the main point-of-sale, in particular, to develop the market in Asia and the USA.


Il est aussi en colère sur Nokia annonce, parce qu'ils vont lâcher "les gens qui ont été très difficiles à recruter en premier lieu."

“It makes a mockery of the people, while remaining polite. It is an impasse by another name, not about the restructuring, ” he writes.

Martinez agrees that the telecommunications sector is not on the way out, and ” was not one of the areas that have suffered because of the (Covid-19) lock. ”

“During labour, our productivity has increased by 15 percent,” a CFE-CGC union representative, Frederick Aussedat is okay.

“It is a mistake to continue to sell our family jewels to the companies that are looking to take on the market rather than having a strategic plan. This is true for Nokia, but also for a whole bunch of companies around the France “, said Martinez.

The need to produce differently

When asked about the 8 000 to 10 000 job losses announced by Air France last week, he said that it would be preferable to reduce the load of work all round, which would allow the creation of new jobs.

Respond to the expression often used by Emmanuel Macron “we must work more to produce more,” Martinez replies, ” we need to work less, and produce differently “.

“This is an opportunity to revisit our local chains of production. The planet is in danger, we really need to rethink how (and what) we produce. ”

Martinez is set to meet with President Macron and other union leaders on Wednesday afternoon to discuss an economic plan to get out of the Covid-19 crisis, and to define the legal conditions for people who work from home.



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