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The night the NBA season was suspended on March 11, we were all wondering if the league could play fanless games.

The last player the Sixers media was able to speak to was Glenn Robinson III. As he sat on the podium six feet from us, he thought about what it could be like to play a game without fans and what could be done to reflect a quiet gym.

“I think the way they play music when we’re on defense, and the offensive, they sort of play the lead role in the background – maybe that increases a bit,” said Robinson. “Maybe they have the fake fans cheering in the background, so maybe we can do it. It would be interesting for us to do, it is to act as if there were more fans here. ”

One reporter mentioned that the false fan noise was not a bad idea.

“I’m going to take this credit,” joked Robinson.

Almost three months later, not only are the empty stands seemingly a reality, but games on a neutral site at Walt Disney World are part of the return to play format approved by players and owners.

Although it is not known if the NBA heard Robinson’s idea, it’s a notion the league is considering, with a false crowd noise coming from the NBA 2K folks.

For the Sixers, the situation will be particularly difficult to grasp. They were close to having the widest gap between their home and road record in NBA history.

The happiest place on Earth for the Sixers was the Wells Fargo Center, where they posted a ridiculous 29-2 record. On the road, they won as many victories as the Knicks without rudder with an abyssal score of 10-24. To make matters worse, the Sixers have finished 0-4 in Florida state this season with two losses each in Miami and Orlando.

It is unclear whether not having a real advantage at home will further hurt the Sixers or their opponents.

The stakes will be much higher than the previous four games in the Sunshine State, or any game before the season’s suspension, by the way. The Sixers will have two or three “pre-season” games and only eight regular season games – which they absolutely need – before the playoffs begin.

Brett Brown has always qualified the last third of the sprint season. This chronology is even more accelerated. Maybe that will force his players to focus more and put their road problems behind them.

” Of course, [playing with no fans is] is going to have some level of impact, “Brown told reporters May 15. I think the mere fact that we are going to play again could somehow minimize the embarrassment played out in front of zero fans. to teach us all.

For those of us at home, the lack of crowd noise, however unfortunate, could add an interesting dynamic. If Joel Embiid tells an opposing center that he can’t keep him on alert, we can hear him. When Tobias Harris is hacked on his way to the track without a whistle, we can hear the ears he gives the official. When Ben Simmons throws a rocking dunk, we can hear him howling.

It’s unexplored territory for everyone involved.

“I think it will be almost comical,” said Brown, “like communicating with the referees and going back and forth with the players and the rest. I mean, think about it, a large part is drowned in 20,000 people – there won’t be any at all. And so how it will play out, I don’t know. None of us have ever done that. ”

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