The 49ers Kyle Shanahan wants to “finish the job” in the next Super Bowl


Coach Kyle Shanahan is still struggling with the defeat of the Super Bowl last season, and he does not hide it. He is also excited by the firing of the legitimate 49ers at redemption this coming season.Shanahan has shared these points of view in a broadcast virtual State of the Franchise for the 49ers, which was released Wednesday for the subscription holders and the media, before the revelation on Thursday to the general public.

In an interview of nearly 10 minutes with the announcer of the 49ers, Greg Papa, Shanahan has covered a variety of topics. It was recorded last week, so we did not ask him how an unidentified player was left after having been tested positive for COVID-19, how to the receptors Deebo Samuel and Richie James recovering from fractures that are recent, or which has led Shanahan to sign a new contract last week. 2025.

Shanahan has not been made available to journalists for questions.

Here is a summary of the four subjects he addressed:

1. Recovery of the collapse of the Super Bowl:

Shanahan: “All the world knows, the way last year ended, we had as much opportunity as ever to become champion. We came just short. This is certainly what we are aiming for this year.

“… We have one or three matches before a world championship, it was hard to sit still in the off-season. It is also something of which I am very proud with the state of the franchise. We have not come fortunately.

“We have deserved. We have earned by doing it the right way. We won by playing very good football in attack, in defense and in special teams. We have done this with a whole team. You look at the numbers in our team with the way we played – the defense offensive ran the ball, threw the ball, the turnovers, everything – it was as good a football team as I’ve never been a part of.

“I know that we have been good enough to win the Super Bowl, and we didn’t. This is something with which we must live. This is why the state of the franchise is that we need to return to this moment. We must return immediately to the fourth quarter, get an advance and we need to finish the job.

“It has been weird with this quarantine and be in the offseason. I still have the impression that 2020 has just begun. Now, we are in a month and I can’t wait to start. ”

2. On projections of the Jimmy Garoppolo

Shanahan: “Jimmy has had an amazing year last year. When you look at it statistically with what he has done, it is extremely accurate, has put us in very good situations and won a few matches for us as well. We have had a number of games, he has had to play a lot on the discs of third and long and last minute to do big games that helped us win a few matches.

“Coming out of what he had with the AC, and… where he took us up to the Super Bowl, our whole team was a bit short. But Jimmy has been one of the best quarters of the league this year, and there is still a lot of room to grow. He knows it. I know. For a single year (complete) in this league and for him to do what he has done, it is very exciting. I look forward to starting with him this year, and I expect that he is getting better and better every week. ”


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