The 100 Recap: Season 7 Episode 4 – New Planet, [Spoiler]It’s suicide


We always knew that Clarke Griffin was special, but “the key to winning the last war that humanity will ever pay for”? This woman never ceases to amaze us.

This bomb was dropped by the Disciples who crashed at the Sanctum during The 100, but like most intergalactic cults, they came with ulterior motives. Although visitors said they had no intention of harming Clarke, a quick review of their high-tech suits revealed to Raven that the Disciples saw Clarke as a target. With little time to spare and no other viable option, Raven – who already blamed himself for last week’s reactor core tragedy – added eight more corpses to his consciousness, executing a sneak attack using own technology Disciples invisibility.

Being the genius that she is, Raven also figured out how to crack the flawed stone code, allowing Clarke & Co. to leave Sanctum in search of their missing friends. With no idea where to start, Raven literally picked one of the other six planets at random, instantly transporting the rescue team to a frozen desert.

“They won’t stay on this planet very long, thankfully, but the adventure taking place on Nakara is surprising and fun and certainly to remember,” said Jason Rothenberg, TVLine showrunner.

Wednesday’s episode also brought us to support Planet Beta, where Hope, Echo and Gabriel spent five years building and learning from their new prisoner friend Orlando. It was a bit of a deja vu experience for Hope, who had previously spent 10 years with a prisoner named Dev, the man who taught her how to fight. They planned to escape the planet together after serving their sentence, but Hope froze on the big day, watching the Disciples helplessly slaughter Dev before his eyes. She was determined not to repeat her mistake.

Of course, Hope also didn’t expect Echo to become a thug once it was time to escape. The plan was simply to eliminate the Disciples, steal their costumes, and give the impression that they had taken Orlando captive – but Echo reassessed the situation at the last minute, killing the Disciples and leaving Orlando alone on the planet Beta. “He is our friend, but we are not his people,” she said to horrified Hope and Gabriel before bringing her friends into the Anomaly.

“At that point, some failures go ahead,” said Rothenberg of Echo’s apparent betrayal. “If they took Orlando and jumped as planned, who knows how many people they would meet that he trained, or that he knew or loved? If he couldn’t get through, they would all be screwed up and their mission would fail. So she made that difficult choice at that time. This is who it has always been. She is an effective warrior and she would do anything to save Bellamy. ”

Tragically, one of the Disciples of Sanctum informed us that Orlando committed suicide after being left on the planet Beta by his friends. Rothenberg pays tribute to the unhappy prisoner, calling him “an amazing character who gives such a surprising performance that really accompanies you”.

Your thoughts on this week’s unexpected tragic hour? Any theories about who kidnapped Gaia in the last few moments? Whatever you think, drop it in a comment below.

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