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Sadiq Khan has reduced his own pay by 10%, as it has called on Boris Johnson to bail out the local authorities face funding black holes as a result of sars coronavirus.The mayor of London, warned that the authorities across the country faces a deficit of activity and rate of income tax.

In the capital, this could mean that crosses the Metropolitan Police, London Fire Brigade, Transport for London and the Greater London Authority, due to a shortfall of nearly £500 million in funding. He said:

“The londoners did the right thing to do in the face of Covid-19 by following the rules, staying at home and helping to save lives. But now the Government is punishing them with a new era of austerity.

“Covid-19 had a devastating impact on London public finances, which were in great shape prior to the pandemic.

“TfL’s fares revenue has declined by more than 90 percent and the local business rate and council tax income has fallen off a cliff.

“This is the worst possible time for a return to the austerity – just at the time where we need to invest in London recovery. “

The shortfall in tax revenue is due to a forecast reduction in the number of enterprises to pay the rates businesses and households can’t keep up with the council tax bills.

Mr. Khan has called on the Government to act on Mr Johnson’s promise that he would not return to austerity measures to balance the books of the coronavirus crisis.

He warned that failure to act would jeopardise the Prime Minister’s commitment to recruit 20,000 extra police officers or make changes to the London Fire Brigade, which desperately needed after the Grenfell Tower of the tragedy.


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