Tesla updates its solar panel program with more powerful systems at the lowest price


Tesla has released a new solar panel, which includes more power, solar systems, at a rate more affordable than ever.The update comes on the heels of its recent solar incentive program aimed at encouraging consumers to adopt its systems of solar panels through a continuation of our efforts to reduce the cost of ownership. In mid-2019, Tesla has deployed its solar program subscription which has allowed solar customers to pay a monthly fee of charges for obtaining solar energy for their residence. With prices as low as $65 a month, Tesla solar subscription program reduces the cost barrier of entry significantly, considering a solar panel system for the average 2,500 square foot home would normally cost between $18,000 and $20,000

Now, the company has deployed more powerful solar system sizing and at a price that is more affordable than its small size systems.

Tesla’s new Solar panels. (Credit: Tesla)

In the past, Tesla has offered four sizes for its solar systems.

  • Small3.78 kW – $10,500
    • Produces an average of 14 to 19 kWh per day
  • Average7.56 kW – $19,500
    • Produces an average of 29-39 kWh per day
  • Great11.34 kW – $29,000
    • Produces an average of 43-58 kWh per day
  • X-Large15.12 kW – 37 500 dollars
    • Produces an average of 58-77 kWh per day

The new system revised offer sizes more efficient use of energy. The incentive price below applies to California residents and vary from state to state.

  • Small – 4.08 kW to 10 000$, $7,400 after incentives
  • Average – 8.16 kW – 16 000$ 11 840 $after incentives
  • Great – 12.24 kW – $ 23,500, $17,390 after incentives
  • X-Large – 16.32 kW – $30 000 $22 200 after incentives

In comparing the two systems, and their price is the proof that the new signs offer more for your money. The sizes have increased while the cost of each system was decreased.

After the deployment of the subscription programs of last year, Tesla introduced a low price guarantee in May. The addition of this feature to Tesla’s Solar business has made it possible for the customers to get the best possible price on the company of solar panels, correspondence, quotations from other suppliers in one of the area’s residents.

In Q1 2020, Tesla energy company prospered in spite of the setbacks of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company said its 100,000 th Powerwall has been installed during the first quarter of 2020 Q1 Update Letter. The company has also seen an increase in cross-selling within the energy industry as “over 40% of residential solar panel customers have opted for at least one type of shelf.”

Tesla Solar Roof also has experienced a significant growth, and Giga of New York has reached a 4 MW weekly production rate, in sufficient quantity for 1 000 households.

The advanced Tesla, the Solar Energy business create opportunities for customers to use more efficient panels that cost less out of pocket. Combine the most cost-effective panels with Tesla rental or subscription options, and power a home with 100% clean energy from the sun is affordable and respectful of the environment.

Check out the new Tesla Solar Panels on its Energy website.


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