Tesla to get a new battery of a million miles ready for production at CATL


CATL has announced that it is ready to produce the new battery of a million miles and Tesla Model 3 manufactured at Gigafactory Shanghai would be the first to get the new battery.Electrek Electrek previously revealed that Tesla is working on a secret internal Roadrunner project.

The goal is for Tesla to produce its own batteries using technologies developed by Tesla’s in-house teams, including the work of Jeff Dahn’s team in Canada, and new technologies recently acquired through the acquisition of Maxwell, on a large scale and at a cost of less than $100 per kWh.

Recently we reported Tesla has been demanding for a lot of intellectual property related to battery cells, as a new electrode for its 1 million mile battery.

Tesla plans to produce this new battery of a million miles itself, but it also seems to be planning to have production partners.

Last month, Reuters reported that Tesla is working with CATL to produce a million-mile battery cell in China and that it will first be used in the model 3 vehicles produced at Gigafactory Shanghai.

Now Bloomberg has come out with a similar report corroborating some of Reuters’ previous claims.

In an interview, CATL President Zeng Yuqun said the company is now ready to produce its new one million mile battery cell:

“Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd (CATL) is ready to produce a battery that lasts 16 years and 2 million kilometers (1.24 million miles), said President Zeng Yuqun in an interview at the company’s headquarters in Ningde, in southeastern China’s Fujian province. »

The President added:

“If someone placed an order, we are ready to produce,”

However, it has not confirmed that orders have been placed, but Bloomberg reported that the battery will first end up in Tesla vehicles produced at Gigafactory Shanghai.

The president confirmed that he is in constant communication with Tesla and CEO Elon Musk directly:

Zeng said he often shares ideas with Musk, with both exchanging text messages about developments in technology and business. CATL is strengthening its relationship with Tesla, with issues such as cobalt-free batteries on their agenda, Zeng said.

Zeng added:

“We get along well and he’s a fun guy. He talks about cost all day, and I make sure we have the solutions.

They did not specify the exact timeline of the new batteries installed in the new Tesla vehicles.

Electrek’s capture

Some of these battery reports coming out of China about Tesla and CATL are a bit confusing.

It is not clear whether CATL will produce Tesla’s battery cell for them in China, or whether it is a different battery chemistry co-developed by Tesla and CATL, which the latest Reuters report seems to suggest. In this Bloomberg report, it looks more like a CATL battery with capabilities similar to Tesla, but which will also be sold to others.

More batteries on the market is good news no matter what, but I’m looking forward to some clarity on this front, which we should get at Tesla Battery Day.

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