Tesla Announces The Lowest Price For The Solar House


The Lowest Price for the Solar House

Today, we present the lowest-ever cost to go solar in the united States. Our average system size is now one-third cheaper than the industry average, and we have recently introduced a lowest price guarantee. If you change your mind after purchase or are not satisfied with the system, we will uninstall it and issue a full refund within seven days after system turn on.

With our new pricing, a customer through the purchase of a larger system of California are going to make their money in only six years by reducing their electricity bill, in the end, make an average of $88,000 on the system of life. In New Mexico, that same system will make an average of $55,000 over the course of his life and, in Vermont, of$ 47,000. All systems, in all states, generate more value than ever when it is bought with money or financing in the solar energy loan. The savings vary according to the laws of the state and local utility rates. We also offer a low-cost subscription solar for a fixed cost monthly in six states that you can cancel at any time.

Our new pricing is made possible thanks to several simple improvements to a decades-old industry. We made the order and of the solar installation easy by moving to a fixed size that customers can order with a single click online, no need to spend hours in the consultations on the review of old invoices of public services. More than 80% of our clients go ahead with the standard size recommended by our website, and the transition to a digital experience has contributed to a reduction in our sales and marketing, the costs of 64 percent.

We have used these savings solar more affordable for customers, and also to build software that improves the experience of the solar energy. Our internal software platform, which automates the solar panel placement for energy optimization on a roof, significantly reducing the time needed to design a new system. We also continue to invest in core technologies that increase the efficiency of our solar system, including the new premium panels with more power and efficiency, as well as the integrated management of software and hardware which reduces the cost of solar energy of the interconnection and makes the coupling with solar Powerwall easier than ever.

Check out our solar pricing and options on our web site.


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