Tens of thousands in the streets of France to demand ” freedom, equality and dignity “


March against racism in France (Pic: Walk of solidarity)

Large, militant anti-racist marches have been held in several cities across France last Saturday.

The organizers of the Paris march said up to 50 000 took. They added, “Today, the mobilization has shown that the combat is launched and it will not stop—of full status for migrants, for freedom, equality and dignity.”

People also marched in Rennes and Lille despite police bans.

There is growing anger over the murder of a delivery driver who died after he was arrested in Paris in January. It pleaded “I’m suffocating” several times that the police are holding him on the ground.

Footage has emerged of Cedric Chouviat saying that he could not breathe seven times in 22 seconds, as officers pinned him to the ground.

Four police officers are being blamed for “manslaughter” on the case that echoes the death of George Floyd in the united states .

The Police said that they arrested Chouviat on his scooter, after saying that he was looking for his cell phone and took a dirty plate. The officers say that he was disrespectful and abusive.

An autopsy concluded that he died by suffocation, having suffered a “fracture of the larynx”.

None of the police officers has been suspended


During this time, the government is under pressure during the violent arrest of the nurse Farida C on the health workers ‘ protest last week.

A widely shared video that showed her being caught by the police after she had thrown a few stones at the police lines. Three anti-riot police to press his face into the ground before taking her away with her face bleeding.

Various right-wing figures suggested that she was only impersonating a health officer.

But her daughter, a journalist for France24 news, tweeted, “the age of Fifty years, a nurse, she worked for three months, for between 12 and 14 hours per day. It has taken the coronavirus.

“Today, it was protested so that she gets the salary she deserves.”

Farida has been accused of “rebellion,” “contempt of police” violence.

But there is a big campaign to have the charges dropped.

Greek health workers ‘ strike of financing

Health workers in Greece have staged a national strike on Tuesday of last week against the lack of staff and under-funding.

The strikers—members of the college of physicians and of the health of workers, of trade unions, to demand permanent contracts for temporary workers.

The strikers marched in Athens to a national strike, demonstration, joined by supporters and members of other unions.

Greek health workers have also struck in May and protested outside hospitals in April, at the request of more funding in the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

The strikes come after more than a decade of austerity imposed by governments, including the Tory-type party, New Democracy and the radical Syriza.

Marina Oikonomou, a nurse at the Agios Savvas hospital in Athens, said, “today’s strike is for the overall health. We are in need of recruitment, money and upgrade.

“The cuts in recent years have weakened the health service and its employees.

“The health sector support should come first. No more privatisation—it is the most dangerous thing for the society as a whole.”


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