Ten most popular places among the potential buyers in England now


Hereford is the location that elicited the largest increase in interest from potential buyers over the past two weeks, suggests a real estate Web site in the foreground.

Further north, Wigan, Rochdale, Wilmslow, Scarborough and Bolton have also seen queries that potential buyers of flares compared to the first two weeks of march, according to Rightmove.

The real estate market across England is returned to life in recent weeks, since the secretary for housing, Robert Jenrick, has given the green light to real estate agents to resume on may 13.

Top ten: the top ten places with the highest increase in buyer demand over the last fifteen days

The seaside town of Hastings was the only place in the south of England to visit the ten locations with the highest increase in the demand of potential buyers in recent weeks.

The real estate agents have seen a 77% increase in requests from home buyers in Hereford, near the welsh border between the Midlands and the West Country, where the average cost of a home is 233 400 £.

A real estate agent to the picturesque cathedral city has compared the lock to Christmas, when many people think of their real estate projects, with the intention of taking action over the new year.

Steven Thomas, director of the real estate agents of Watkins Thomas, Hereford, said her office was “very busy” since its reopening last month.

Mr Thomas added: “now We see people. after sitting for the locking and revised what they were looking for, it is passed to the action in June.

“June and July are often more calm for us, because this group of buyers is usually missing, this is why we are seeing a wave of buyers at the end of the spring.

He said that he had seen a lot of interest from potential buyers currently located in the south-east of England, especially among the people in the fifties and sixties, realizing that they could get a lot more for their money and live in an area with acres of open terrain. campaign.’

Of course, it remains to be seen how many of the requests of potential buyers turn into cash for the sellers, and transactions for real estate agents.

The job losses are on the increase and once the leave scheme of the government will be permanently closed, the amount of money that a lot of people have to spend for a new house could fall substantially.

Ideal: Hereford has seen an increase in the demand of potential buyers in the past two weeks

Ideal: Hereford has seen an increase in the demand of potential buyers in the past two weeks

Eight of the most sought after locations for a new home can be found in the north-west and Yorkshire and the Humber.

A step behind Hereford, Wigan has seen an increase of 71 per cent of inquiries from buyers over the past two weeks compared to the first two weeks of march. With an average price of 165 448 pounds, which is well below the national average, the region is experiencing a huge success with buyers who want to grow their money on the home front.

Kristian Derrick, director of real estate agency Ashtons in Wigan, said: “Since the reopening of the market, we find that the majority of our houses to three and four beds are selling at less than the asked price, and that many deals are sealed with a number of interested buyers.

“We also found a strong increase in the rental market-sales, investors can buy a terraced house in a relatively good condition in a good neighborhood for less than £100,000.”

Nine of the top ten have average prices requested below the present average of England, 337 884 £. according to the latest discoveries of Rightmove.

The only exception is the city easy to Wimslow, where the average price requested is around 461 535 £.

According to new research, which covers approximately 95% of all the houses for sale by estate agents on the website of Rightmove, since the re-opening of the housing market, these are properties of three or four rooms that were selling the most close to the requested price.

The Web site of the property has stated that purchasers of homes of this size are, on average, willing to pay 98% of the total price asked in England.

This compares to 97.5% of asking price obtained on the market, first-time buyers and 97.4% for the high-end properties larger.

The large English cities such as Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Liverpool and Sheffield, are proving popular with potential buyers, and the three have average prices and lower average 200 000 £.

Demand in London has increased by 19% during the period, but for many, the capital is simply out of reach, with average prices around 628 000 £, according to Rightmove.

Miles Shipside, the real estate expert of Rightmove, said: “The fact that cities are rebounding better than the cities indicates that many potential buyers choose smaller areas to live, but are always looking for places that have all the facilities they need at their door.

“Most of the cities on the list have cheaper prices, the budget of the buyer therefore goes further, allowing an additional space to work from home and gardens to relax in private.

“Our new analysis of the prices that buyers are willing to pay shows that the properties in the area of the family home or from the second not reach the most close to their asking prices.

“If you exclude London and some areas that are more expensive in the south, these types of housing are usually between 250 000 and 500 000 £.

“These are currently attractive, as they are likely to benefit from more space and a private garden, the attributes that the movers tell us that they are now even more important than before the lockout.

“There are still 175 000 vendors missing that would generally come on the market at the time of its closure, so the figures agreed sales will take some time to get back to normal levels, and depend in large part on the offers that lenders are able to offer to buyers on the current market. . ‘

Uncertainty remains

Forecasts of housing prices

Bank of England: fall 16%

Cebr: 13% decrease

Savills: a decrease of 5% to 10% on sales thin

Liberum: a decrease of 7% in real prices

Lloyds Banking Group: a decrease of 5% to 10%

Howard Archer, EY: a fall of 5%

Knight Frank: a fall of 7%

While real estate agents may be busy talking about the real estate market, many uncertainties and questions remain regarding the extent to which it recovers in the coming years. The markets of Scotland and Wales also remain closed in large part due to closures.

The in-person visits are limited by measures of social distancing, and a revival of the use of the visits of virtual properties could prove to be unsuccessful as regards the willingness of buyers to part with their money.

In addition to this, some banks and building societies continue to restrict the mortgage transaction, and many of them tighten also the lending criteria for borrowers.

In a context of economic turmoil expanded, the Bank of England has predicted that the average price of homes in the Uk could fall by 16% during the year, while others, such as the estate agent Knight Frank and the EY Item Club, believe that 5 to 7% decline in a hundred seems more likely.

The Office for national statistics suspended publication of its monthly index of housing prices this week as a result of the turbulence in the sector triggered by the pandemic.

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