TD Place four-day drive “on” experience film sells in 90 minutes


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Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group appear to have reached a sweet spot with their “Driving On Films” event planned for this weekend.

Starting on Thursday and for the four days through the weekend, the stadium at TD Bank, the Venue will be open for cars to fill the field for watching classic movies.

The four-day run of films was scheduled strictly as a one-time event, OSEG said.

All four screenings sold in around 90 minutes this Wednesday morning.

“You see from this answer that there are people who are looking for an opportunity to do something a little different from home,” said OSEG spokesman Chris Hofley.

If you missed your chance, the series’s opening on Thursday is to Remember the Titans, starring Denzel Washington. Other films shown are Pirates of the Caribbean (Friday), Guardians of the Galaxy (Saturday) and Star Wars: The Last of the Jedi (Sunday).

Spectators will be allowed to enter at 7:00 am, with performances starting at 8:00 am, admission is $ 30 per car, with a maximum of five people per vehicle. The Concessions will not be open, smoking and alcohol are not allowed, nor to leave your car, except to go to the toilet.

The stadium, the field can accommodate just over 50 cars, while the audio for the films will be transmitted on an FM radio band.

“It’s really something we do more for fun,” Hofley said. “This is something we can offer to people who would normally come to Lansdowne and miss some of these activities.

“Obviously, we are not playing football right now. We don’t have sports, so this is one way that we can open the field for a few nights and have a little fun in a different way. It’s just something a little different to do. ”

There are no immediate plans for a rehearsal of the event.


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