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This is the beginning of a series of cards in which we will explore different types of excise taxes, commencing with the excise duty on wine. If you’ve ever wondered about the tax consequences of opening a bottle of wine – yes, there is a taxation viewpoint with all the card today will provide you with some information.As you might expect, the countries in Southern Europe, well-known for their wines – such as France, Greece, Portugal and Spain – have decided not to tax it or to do so at a very low rate, while other countries in the North have a tendency to collect taxes, sometimes taxes are heavy.

While 13 EU countries levy an excise tax on the wine, they do so at markedly different rates. You will find the tax on the wine the higher of Ireland, 3.19 € (3,57 US$) per bottle of wine of standard size (0.75 litres, or 0.20 gallon). Finland and the United Kingdom come next with respectively 2,98 € ($3.33 a) and 2.51 € (2,81 $).

Among the countries which levy a tax on the wine, the rate is far the lowest in a country well known for its wine: France does not levy a tax by € 0.03 ($0.03 per) per bottle. Malta (0,15 € or $ 0.17) and Poland (0,30 € or $ 0.33) a tax on the wine in the second and third lowest rates.

All european countries also levy a tax on the value added tax (VAT) on wine. The excise duty shown on the map relate only to excise duties and do not include VAT, which is charged on the sale value of the bottle of wine.

Excise duty on wine in the member States of the european Union (EU), in January 2020
Member state of the EUExcise duty per bottle of wine of standard size (0.75 litres, or 0.20 gallon)
EurosUs Dollars
Austria (AT)
Belgium (BE)0,56 €0,63 $
Bulgaria (BG)
Croatia (HR)
Cyprus (CY)
Czech republic (CZ)
Denmark (DK)1,13 €US $ 1.27
Estonia (EE)1,11 €1,24 $
Finland (FI)2,98 €US $ 3.33
France (FR)0,03 €$0.03 per
Germany (DE)
Greece (GR)
Hungary (HU)
Ireland (IE)3,19 €3,57 $
Italy (IT)
Latvia (LV)0,76 €$0.85 per
Lithuania (LT)1,24 €1,38 $
Luxembourg (LU)
Malta (MT)0,15 €$0.17 per
Netherlands (NL)0,66 €$0.74 per
Poland (PL)0,30 €$0.33 per
Portugal (PT)
Romania (RO)
Slovakia (SK)
Slovenia (SI)
Spain (ES)
Sweden (SE)1,82 €2,04 $
United Kingdom (GB)2,51 €2,81 $
Source: european Commission, “Tables of the excise tax: Part I – alcoholic Beverages”, January 1, 2020, /rates/excise_duties-part_i_alcohol_en.pdf.

Note: some countries apply excise duties on the wines to be very low and / or very high alcohol content.

Note: This is part of a series of maps in which we look at the excise duty in Europe.


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