Swanson: you start with a breakdown of revenues of 25% to 30% of the UFC is “beyond the reasonable”


Recently, people like Jorge Masvidal and Jon Jones have protested for a better share of the income of the UFC, and despite fewer bad words to say about the promotion, Cub Swanson thinks the same thing.

Swanson (26-11) fights in the UFC since the promotion merged with the WEC in 2011. The veteran featherweight has fought nearly twenty times for the UFC and has beat Kron Gracie in his last fight.

Talking recently with MMA Junkie, Swanson congratulated the UFC for his treatment towards him during his nine years in the promotion.

“The UFC does things that are really generous,” said Swanson. “They paid for my surgery. They took care of everything. They have made it so that I makes me in a great doctor, so I’m not going to criticize them. They have been incredible for me. ”

While being grateful to the UFC, Swanson could not admit that everything was going well and when there was the compensation of veterans. With most of the other sports that share their revenue 50/50 with its athletes, the UFC does not share in that 18%, with their own goals, showing that they wanted to keep it at 17% for years.

Swanson stated that work up to 25 or 30% would be easy to achieve.

“I’ve seen Masvidal rise up against the salary of the fighter that he would like to be paid better, you know, everybody would be doing it. So, all I really want to say about this, is that, in other professional sports, there is a great distribution, 50-50 approximately, depending on the sport and everything. And of course, they made their way up to it, so I think if the UFC benefits as much, I think we can agree as 25%, 30% and advancing, and I think it is beyond reasonable. ”

Swanson hasn’t fought throughout the year 2020, after having torn his ACL during a game of fight against Jake Shields last December.


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