Sushant Singh Rajput not experienced financial difficulties: report


According to reports, Sushant Singh Rajput not experienced financial difficulties

Sushant Singh Rajput has been the centre of media outcry since his tragic and untimely death has been revealed to the eyes of the public. The Camps have since been divided on allegations of “outsider” treatment that he has received from the industry, after he has done his shift in the movies.

In the midst of the speculations, debates and social protests, a friend of the deceased star has been shrouded in mystery, claiming that Sushant Singh is not suffering from any financial difficulties in the course of his career. The anonymous friend says that the actor in charge of more than 8 crores per film and has lived quite comfortably as a result of that.

During his interview with Pinkvilla, the friend was quoted as saying, ” Sushant was not going through financial difficulties is being discussed. He had a few movies lined and a little more in the discussions. From what I know, its dates of the booking until mid-next year. If he signed the other two films, there would have been five projects by 2022. He was also in charge to the tune of Rs 8 crore per project. ”

Not only that, there have also been situations where producers have offered to pay the actor more than his original fee. “There were two producers who have the intention to meet later this month. Since he was not in contact with them, they had spoken to one of his close friends, and even shared how they like to pay him the sum of Rs 11 crore for his film, a riveting drama. “


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