Susanna Reid pays tearful tribute to Kate Garraway and husband Derek Draper


Good Morning Britain hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid began the show on Monday with a touching message to Kate Garraway. Her husband Derek Draper is currently in a coma after a bitter battle with coronavirus, and Kate has revealed that he “can never recover” from the damage caused by the disease on his body.

Derek has been in a comatose state for the past ten weeks and can stay that way for a year or more, Kate’s doctors have warned.

Susanna said: “Before we start, I think we both just want to send our love to our colleague and friend Kate Garraway.

Susanna said she was sending “enormous love” to Kate and her family

“We both watched his interview on Good Morning Britain on Friday.

“Millions of you have watched as well as she told you and us about the situation about Derek.

“Absolutely heartbreaking for the family and then she did an interview in The Sun over the weekend, more details came out.

“So huge, huge love for Kate, she goes through hell, the family goes through hell. There is still hope, of course.

Derek Draper has been in a coma for ten weeks after battling coronavirus

“And she said they were hoping for ‘this miracle’ – and we all hope with her. Such a huge love for Kate.

In her interview on Friday, Kate admitted: “Derek’s situation is incredibly rare. The damage he suffered and we do not know the effect on his body and whether he can recover and how he would recover.

“Some of the damage it has, there is only one in five people they have seen with it.”

Kate also revealed that their 10-year-old son Billy slept next to his father’s bed empty every night.

He had built a Lego Death Star of Star Wars with his father and hopes there will be a time when he will return from the hospital to continue their project.

The coronavirus pandemic meant that the family could not visit him, but they used FaceTime to communicate with him in the hope that he could hear their voices.

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