Susan Boyle melted the fans so that it begins the dance movements TikTok amazing


The former star of Britain’s Got Talent, Susan Boyle, has immersed his fans in a complete collapse then it showed his incredible movements TikTok Wednesday.Singer and artist of scottish 59-year-old was reunited with some of his friends for a performance that is socially distanced as she made her debut on the application of social media.

She was lovely in a long dress with floral print, combined with a sun hat in straw so that it is joined to the challenges viral.

Susan has danced on Laxed Siren Beat ” by Jawsh 685 while she was doing the dance full with the other two in the garden.

In the video uploaded by Gez Rae, it can be seen shaking her hips and moving his arms to the rhythm of the clip on social media.

Susan Boyle showed his moves amazing in the clip

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The trio looked super happy, enjoying the sun during their performance.

Susan, who is from Blackburn, has recently revealed that she would love to appear on Strictly Come Dancing after dance lessons.

The star has melted his fans

In February, she explained: “Someone suggested that I would be good in Strictly Come Dancing. ”

And not shy about her big moves, Susan said: “Yeah, I would love that. I have a few movements. I took dance classes. ”

Susan recently shared how she felt as an act in a show weird ” during her first audition BGT.

She was lovely in a summer dress

It has amazingly finished second in the series of 2009 of the talent show, but explained how the people were laughing of her hair going crazy” and “sense clothing” at the time.

“It was pretty stifling, almost as if I was an actor in a show funny, and it was wrong,” she told the Irish Mirror.

“It was incredibly difficult to reconcile for some time, but the positives far outweighed the negatives.

“Everyone laughed at me; they wondered who was this idiot with the bad hair … and I had made a bad choice of clothes, so no one had great expectations. ”

However, Susan has wowed the audience and judges with his incredible performance of I Dreamed A Dream les Misérables – and has since become one of the stars of the most iconic of the series.

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